Mark Stewart's

Silvia PS13


Posted 9 years ago



Back to the future - Mark Stewart's 90's classic has travelled through time to impress in 2014.

Mark is a car slut! There’s just no other way to describe him. While most of us build our cars as a hobby in our spare time, he has the enviable task of building them for a living. This has led to him owning at least 50 different cars in the two years we’ve known him. From a stanced hawk-eyed Impreza and an a subframe scraping Miata/Eunos/MX5, to a Zenki S14 and an SR20 powered S2000, Mark’s car history reads like an enthusiast’s wet dream… and that’s just scratching the surface.

This is his latest creation, a 1991 Nissan Silvia K’s PS13, powered by the ever popular SR20DET engine. Travelling to England to pick up a clean, unabused example, Marks’ plan for it was simple – retain the original looks while adding some subtle enhancements and a generous helping of road presence. The car had been imported to the UK 6 months prior to Mark getting his hands on it and being a rust free example the car was something of a rarity, only needing a few things to tidy it up.

Once Mark had the Silvia back home he wasted no time making it his own. He fitted a factory bumper with a subtle front lip, as he didn’t like the “aftermarket junk” that came with it, a rear bumper lip and a subtle boot spoiler. He then moved on to the wheel wells, removing the splash guards and rolling the arches all round in preparation for some girthy wheels and a touch of stance. With a lick of paint in a few areas (no problem for Mark, that’s his job) the S-body was complete and he could move onto the rest of the car.

In the engine department the Silvias’ SR20 had already been breathed upon during its’ time in the home land. It came to the UK with an HKS induction kit and hardpipe, a Fujitsu stainless exhaust and a Mines ECU. Mark fitted a Walbro 255 pump to look after the fuelling duties that come with running 16psi of boost and plenty of sideways action and the 5 speed ‘box already had an Exedy clutch fitted with a two way Tomei diff’ in the rear, so it was more than up to the job of coping with the power and occasional clutch kick.

Moving on to the chassis the car has Cusco coilovers, a Nismo strut brace and the all important subframe locking collars. Mark then fitted an S15 5-stud conversion to allow for the new wheels and dropped it down to give it that wide, purposeful stance. Speaking of wheels they are 18 x 9.5 all round Ultralite Hikari with gold centres and plenty of dish. Spacers front and back push them out to fill the arches with a flush fitment whilst still allowing for plenty of lock should the need arise.

To finish the car off Mark added a few things to the already immaculate interior (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you JDM enthusiasts how rare it is to find factory s13 seats with no rips), including a quartet of gauges showing the boost, exhaust temp, water temp and oil pressure. He also fitted a Sparco snap off boss with an OMP dished steering wheel and a Kenwood CD player for the times when he doesn’t feel like listening to SR20 FM.

Unfortunately, like all good things, it had to come to an end and with the car finished and another baby on the way Mark decided it was time to part ways with his beloved Silvia and get something “more practical” by acquiring an Audi RS4 formerly owned by none other than Rotiform UK and Players head honco Carl Taylor. We can’t wait to see where he goes with this one…