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Posted 8 years ago



Bigger and better than ever before, Dubshed continues to raise the bar year after year.

Each year the guys at GTINI treat us to their flagship event, Dubshed. Having started in a lowly shed at the Kings Hall Complex just 5 years ago with a handful of local cars, it now covers 4 halls and an enormous outdoor show area and is now the largest show on the island of Ireland, hosting cars from every corner of the UK & Ireland.

The new and improved two day event boasted a wide selection of high standard VAGs old and new that had something to suit everyones love of german cars – even our most hardcore of Jap loving friends were able to find something that they enjoyed.

We can’t imagine the amount of late nights, cans of Red Bull and possibly even tears that have went into the planning of an event this size  but GTINI come back every year wowing us all with something new. This year was no different with billboards in Belfast, a new stage layout and a new raffle car for their chosen charity, Tiny Life. We really don’t know how they managed to fit it all in, yet the main man #iknowgethin and his wife Laura even managed to find time to have a baby – Impressive!

A special mention also needs to be given to Mike and Vic Crawford for all the planning and organisation they have done over the past year. Arranging boats and hotels  for cars coming from England and also for getting a major group like Dub Fiction to attend – cars of this quality only help raise the standard of the show. We hope you guys were impressed!

As well as all the travel arrangements Kleen Freaks also organised an excellent night out. We were given the red carpet treatment, filling the entire VIP night in BOX with 150 people who throughly enjoyed the night – thanks guys!

This years show was special for us as for the first time we didn’t just go as a group of friends but officially as Fitted State. We had a very successful weekend and came home with 5 awards; Best MK5 Golf, Best Passat, Runner Up Passat, Runner Up Post 2000 Cabriolet and Runner Up Lupo/Up!

So as we all attempt to recover from the post Dubshed blues we hope our video fills you with great memories of a brilliant weekend. Part 1 of our photo coverage will also be dropping tomorrow, with Part 2 following later in the week.

We can’t wait for next year, and for GTINI’s other events Castlewellan & Titanic Dubs.