She's a lemon



Posted 7 years ago



So you’ve built a car thats been loved and respected worldwide and has won numerous awards at some of the UK’s biggest shows - what do you do next?

Sell your Rotiform TMB’s, wrap the car bright yellow and slap a ‘big gay wing’ on it? That’s what Steven Toner done…

After being a forgotten project for the best part of a year, Steven Toner finally got stuck into his 350z project mid 2014. Starting with a full respray in Silverstone grey and some hydraulics by Mr Hydro himself, John Peden, Toner already had a great base. However it all started to come together when he sold his MK4 Golf and the Rotiform TMB’s it once wore were given a 5” dish and a new lease of life on the threefiddy.

The interior was treated to a set of red Bride Low Max recliners with carbon kevlar backs and Luke harnesses, a 320mm OMP Corsica, a JDM ‘dildo’ gear knob and a retrim in jacky plaid for the seat centres, door cards and gear gaiter.

On its first two outings the 350z won Top 10 awards at Cleanest and Ultimate Stance but show season soon ended and the car went back into hibernation. So why would you want to change a winning formula so quickly?! Well we asked him and he replied in true Toner style, “I get bored easily and wanted the car to suit my personality… unbelievably awesome” – we’ll let you make your own mind up on that one.

The car now sits on a set of matt white Rota Grids weighing in at a hefty 19×9.5 upfront and 19×10.5 at the rear and require 35mm spacers to fill the arches previously filled with the 18×10.5 and 18×12.5 TMBs.

Outside the Silverstone grey paint is no more having been treated to a vinyl wrap in Sunflower yellow with ‘help’ from Aaron Black. It also sports a carbon Japseed “BGW” and a Top Secret rear diffuser to help achieve the drift car look.

We love how Toner has managed to give the car two dramatically different looks, both of which work equally well. Many people would be afraid to throw away a winning formula and start again but for this we salute you.

EDIT – Well if you flicked through the photos before you read this you will have noticed that Toni missed his TMB’s and has bought them back. We don’t blame him – we still don’t know why he ever sold them in the first place.