Less Is More

Audi A4


Posted 6 years ago



In a world where wings are getting bigger, arches are getting wider and ‘racecar’ wraps are in high demand the phrase ‘less is more’ has somewhat become forgotten.

While I enjoy seeing how far people can push it (we’re looking at you Zak Hobbs) I still admire those who can pull off something so subtle that you almost think it left the factory that way. This is how I feel about Stephen McKenna’s B8 Audi A4.

When ‘Moe’ sold his bagged MK6 last summer he told me he was going to buy something sensible and save some money – a dirty diesel for the daily commute – I didn’t believe him. It wasn’t much of a surprise when I saw him in Dublin a few months later and he had bought an A4 S-Line with every optional extra imaginable. Better than that, he was already rolling on Airlift suspension. Again he assured me that it was only going to be a budget build and he was going to spend his money on restoring the car from the “pure farmer spec” it was when he bought it. “It even had a burnt cd in the changer called ‘silage mix 2k14 put a donk on it’ ”, Moe announced proudly.

First thing on the list was was a set of wheels, being dropped on its arse on standard wheels wasn’t suiting it but remember, it’s a “budget build” so Stephen decided on a set of Japan Racing JR15’s – not a wheel whores number 1 choice, but they looked tidy and freshened up the outside.

Roll forward another few months and I ran into Moe again, this time in Bangor – this is where the story beginnings to shift. There to collect a friends car that was having a roll cage built, we got talking about the A4 and I asked Moe had he made any more progress with it. He had. He’d bought another set of wheels! At first he was reluctant to share but by the end of the conversation he revealed that he had purchased one of the most epic wheels I have seen in Ireland – super concave Rotiform LHR’s. I knew the very set he was describing – I had done some major drooling over them on a ‘RS4’ at Dubshed the year previous. Weighing in at 18×10.5 ET20, fully polished with a concave which I’ve yet to see bettered on these shores they were a much more befitting wheel for the Audi’s sleek lines. From this point forward, it was never going to be ‘just a budget build’…

The outside was then treated to an overhaul. To make the wheels fit, the arches where rolled, pulled and repainted to give extra clearance but keep an OEM look. The front received a RS4 grille with matching gloss black rings and an RDX front lip while custom side skirt extensions where made to accompany it. Round the back OEM roof and boot spoilers were added along with an A5 rear diffuser and a stainless exhaust system with slash cut tips.

Being so well spec’d the interior seen minimal changes – the leather s-line seats and stock media unit with built in satnav and Bose speakers enough for any man to feel at home. The headliner and pillars were treated to a black retrim and the dash plastics also recieved some carbon dip.

In the boot there is, as Moe describes it, a “fancy wooden floor bootbuild” which houses twin Viair 380cc compressors and a colour coded Airlift tank… remember, less is more!

Moe now has the car listed for sale but he’s also just bought himself some RS4 chrome mirror caps so we aren’t quite sure who he’s lying to – us or himself!