The Demo Car

Audi A5


Posted 7 years ago



Every business needs to show off their work. Design RMC decided to showcase theirs with a custom iPhone controlled air suspension setup.

Two years ago I had just put a deposit on my GTI when my friend Ryan McCall told me that he had some connections that could do me a great deal on air suspension. He ordered the kit and the pair of us and a few friends fitted it in his garage one weekend. Little did we know that this was to become Design RMC.

Fast forward to 2014, and after a solid stream of customer air installs, Ryan decided that the business needed a demo car to illustrate what he and Gavin (hey we know him) could do and so a standard Audi A5 was bought and a plan was hatched.

It’s at this point when the RMC guys could have got an Airlift V2 or Accuair E-Level system, wired it in and be done with it but that isn’t exactly difficult or interesting, is it? Instead they decided to take the road less travelled, piecing together the parts to create a custom setup that could be controlled via an iPhone or iPad.

The kit consists of Airlift Performance struts and bags, three Viair 480cc compressors, three 2.5 gallon tanks, and eight 1/2” nickel plated solenoid valves which are controlled using Zaetech’s Touchbox wifi transmitter and app along with a Zaetech Digigauge digital display inside the car. Of course there’s also four backup switches too so that Ryan can avoid the awkward situation of being stranded because his phone battery died.

No air install is complete without a fancy boot build so Ryan called upon Baron Bedi of Top Secret Evolution to help him turn his ideas into reality. So while the RMC guys were bagging Baron’s Porsche 911, Top Secret installed a 12” Alpine Type G subwoofer and 4 channel V amp on either side of the boot and made a curved fibreglass back wall which would house the three air tanks and make it seem as if they were floating inside the boot. The compressors were placed in the spare wheel well and a perspex view port was made and fitted with bright white led’s. The install was completed with it being trimmed in black leather while Gavin bent some custom copper hardlines to plumb the entire system.

With the business end of the build complete it was then time to sort the outside. The car was dropped to Lee Clarke at Slicker Stickers and a 3M matte metallic red vinyl wrap was applied as well as the cars chrome pieces and mirrors being wrapped gloss black.

Then the car took a trip to Street Racer and a custom Longlife exhaust was built removing the resonator and giving the 3 litre TDI engine a bit of grunt.

Tyre Safety Centre stepped up with the final piece of the jigsaw, working a deal with Ryan and Isipri wheels to provide him with a set of 20×10.5 IRS8’s wrapped in 245/35/20 tyres. Of course it’s never just as easy as bolting a set of wheels on and so 12mm spacers where acquired and and lips where rolled off the arches allowing Ryan to push the wheel against the inner arch but also get a good amount of tuck when the car was aired out.

Ryan would like to thank Airlift, Tyre Safety Centre, Ispiri, Top Secret Evolution, Slicker Stickers, Street Racer, Kleen Freaks and Gavin Black for all their help and continued support.