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Bagged MK4


Posted 8 years ago



You want a reliable, economical daily and with looks. What do you buy? How about a MK4 Golf? That's what Richard Gibson did and, over the course of two years, made it a whole lot better than he ever intended.

How do most projects start? Well there are those that set out to make something show worthy from the outset and there are the majority of us who slowly lose the fight against the modifying bug. Richard falls into the latter bracket. He bought the MK4 in the middle of 2012 with the intentions of lowering it a touch on some wheels and leaving it well alone. We’ve all been there before though and soon the bug had bitten again.

He purchased some genuine R32 bumpers and skirts from his local Volkswagen dealer and then found a full R32 interior, complete with steering wheel. Richard had the bumpers painted and fitted whilst he and a friend fitted up the leather pews. Very quickly the car went from being a normal TDI SE Golf to an economical R32 looker and the car stayed like this for a good while.

Soon the car needed Richards attention again. After running very low on coilovers the paint round the arches was getting a bit rough and a few other panels needed some attention also, so it was booked in for a full respray at Autoworx in the original Black Magic colour. Now, with the MK4s body looking better than ever, Richard took a step to make sure the arches would never feel the pain of tyre scrubbing again.

He entrusted a certain Gethin Evans (#iknowgethin) to supply and fit a full Airlift Slam Kit with V2 management. This meant Richard could get his stance sorted at the touch of a button without jeopardizing his fresh paint and better still, get lower than his coilovers ever could. This was paired with a set of Rotiform NUEs it looked fantastic.

This year Richard has really upped his game. He ordered the set of CCW Classics in 18×9 up front and 18×10 out back and had the centres powder coated in Comp Grey. The contrast between the deep black paint of the car, the grey centres of the wheels and their highly polished lips makes for a MK4 that really stands out from the crowd and I can’t think of a better suited set of rollers. To finish off the exterior he had some genuine R32 headlights and US spec tails fitted by Bespoke NI, and whilst he was there, had them work their magic in the boot too.

Bespoke NI designed and built an install to go with the quality finish of the rest of the car and work round the tank for the air suspension. Using two 12″ Alpine Type R subs set into a false floor and custom side walls housing the two Alpine amps they wrapped everything in grey Alcantara and painted the air tank to match the wheel centres. Couple this with the Alpine audio up front, double din screen and some LED lighting in the boot and it all looks the business. A very classy install that sounds as well as it looks.

For what started off as a usual TDI Golf, Richard has built something most of us long for in a show car. Flawless paint, trick suspension, comfy interior, custom boot build and an awesome set of wheels to finish it all off, and all with the intentions of keeping it fairly standard! What does the future hold for this MK4? I guess we’ll have to wait until the bug bites again but if Richards previous modifications are anything to go by, we’re sure it will be something good to check out.