Green with Envy

VW Jetta


Posted 7 years ago



You've seen our video, now it's time for the story of how this green Jetta transformed itself from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Little over two years ago Simon introduced us to his friend Niall and his Volkswagen Jetta. Back then it was rocking a set of 19” VMR 710’s, some ass down FK coilovers, a black roof and a sun strip that covered half the windscreen. In Niall’s own words, the car was “very felt spec” but it had one thing going for it – the beautiful respray in candy apple green.

Little did we know what kind of transformation this car was going to under go and we weren’t the only ones. When Niall sent his application for an indoor spot at Dubshed in early 2015, his request was denied but by the time the weekend was over, he was not only invited indoors, but he came home with the best Jetta trophy. So what changed people opinions on his green saloon?

It all began with a major ‘de-felting’ session. The VMR’s were replaced by some 18” VSP Type 1’s and the stance was evened out by dropping the front to match the rear. Next to go was the sunstrip and black roof as the car went to Simon’s Smart Repairs for some paint. The R32 front bumper was flushed and smoothed and the front grille was painted satin grey to provide some contrast while the rear Jetta bumper was flushed to match. The front end was completed with a set of R32 headlights and Niall was finally happy with the cars look.

Nialls happiness didn’t last long though and soon he decided that he needed air in his life, so out came the FK’s and in went some Airlift Slam Series struts and V2 digital management with a chassis notch thrown in to the mix to get the Jetta on the floor.

The interior was next in the firing line. The standard cloth seats were ripped out and replaced with half leather, half tartan Edition 30 interior. The headliner and pillars were trimmed in black suede and a OEM steering wheel was replaced with a dished OMP Corsica.

You’d think after such a major makeover Niall would just enjoy the car for a while but you’d be wrong. Niall isn’t afraid to change up a good combo to improve it so a phonecall was made to Mr Rotiform UK, Steve ‘Fish’ Fraser and some custom wheels were ordered. Settling on a style, Niall ordered up some 2 piece Rotiform OZTs with hidden hardware, tucking an 18×8 upfront while poking a 18×9.5 at the back.

For us this really completed the car and we were proud to have a car of its standard in our crew, with Niall reppin Fitted State on our stands all last year. However, remember how I said Niall isn’t afraid to change up a good combo? Well thats happened again, this winter his car has seen what we can only describe as radical changes. We won’t spoil the surprise but we will give you a clue. Make sure you check it out at Ultimate Dubs next month – it won’t disappoint.