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Posted 5 years ago



Most of us have a goal in mind when it comes to building a car, searching for hours to find the perfect car and accumulating the parts to realise their vision. For Stephen McKenna, this wasn’t the case.

With his heart set on building something Jap, Stephen needed some money. So he sold his stunning black A4 and took ownership of a tornado red MK5 GTi on part exchange. Fully intending to sell this on, he drove it for a number of weeks and things began to spiral out of control. Or maybe, we could say they fell into place…

A V2 Airlift kit popped up for sale at a tantalizing price, along with some RS4 wingbacks and before he knew it, the courier was at the door and the parts waiting to be fitted. To get the ball rolling, he dropped the car on some Japan Racing JR15’s but these wouldn’t last long. You see, Stephen isn’t a man to run the same set of wheels for more than a few weeks, so the car went through six sets in as many months until finally, it sat on the only set of Rotiform LAS-R’s in Ireland that you see here.

So finally giving into the fact the Mitsubishi Evo dream wasn’t going to happen, Stephen began clicking “add to cart” on various websites and the parts began to land thick and fast. Externally, the GTi now sports an Edition 30 lip with custom carbon splitter, R32 headlights and Valeo rears. Carbon fibre mirrors have been fitted to add to the race car look, along with flushed grills all round.

In the cockpit, the rear seats have been removed making way for a half cage, sunken air tank and colour coded unibrace. A pair of Recaro pole positions, re-trimmed to match the car, keep Stephen in firm control along with Sparco four-point harnesses.

Now the car had to back up its aggressive looks, so the 2L TFSI has been given some love. Stage 2 upgrades bring power up to a respectable 270hp thanks to an ITG intake, iridium plugs and R8 coils. The GTi’s soundtrack is played through a 3.5” custom built turbo back catless system and exits at the rear through larger OEM+ tips.

Although this car was only supposed to be a stepping-stone to something else, Stephen has fallen in love, and parts collection for next season has already begun. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this time he’s going to keep it.

We would like to say thanks to Guy and the team at Whiteriver Park karting track for generously allowing us to grab some shots on track. You can visit their website here: to book events at this modern, premier outdoor karting facility.

Boring spec list part:

Flushed grill
Open air fog grills
Edition 30 lip
Carbon splitter
Carbon splitter
R32 headlights
Valeo led tails
Carbon mirrors
Airlift v2 suspension

Flat floor with colour coded tank, fire extinguisher etc
Colour coded X unibrace
Black leather door cards
Half cage colour coded
Retrimmed pole positions in Alcantara, red stitch and red backs
Sparco 4 point harnesses

Stage 2 – 270bhp
ITG intake with gold heat wrap
Audi R8 coils & iridium plugs
Red coil harness
Red silicone hoses
3.5″ turbo back system, with decat