Pure Juiced

Pug 207


Posted 8 years ago



So you want to build a show car that you can also drive daily. Maybe you go down the VW route, or maybe something Japanese is more your thing?? For Michael Scullin it was neither!

Michael went with a less than conventional choice, for a car that isn’t known for its chiseled good looks or refined performance. Yet with a few choice modifications Michael has managed to make a Peugeot 207 look good!

Michael started modifying like many others in his local area, by chopping coils off a set of Clio springs, fitting a set of 18” Wolfrace Assassin’s and tinting the windows. However after attending a few shows he soon discovered the stance scene and immediately fell in love with it. “Felt spec was all I knew” Michael claims, “I didn’t actually know of many bagged or hydro’d cars but then I seen the likes of Rodney McKnight’s Scirocco, Stephen Chambers’ Fiesta and Owen Maguire’s 306 and thought a stanced 207 would be different”.

Over the next few months his beloved 207 would undergo a transformation from a felt spec Frenchie to a pure juiced Peugeot.

First port of call was to get the Pug on the floor, so Michael called Lurgan based hydraulics wizard John Peden and a custom set of hydraulic rams were fitted inside the large arches of the 207 with a pump and shock absorber setup in the boot.

New wheels, an area where Michael has become a bit of a whore, were next on the list. It all started off with a set of 3SDM 0.05, then some Rotiform BLQ’s, followed up by Peugeot Lions and finally some Mercedes Alphards.

Next step was a visit to Arek Car Leather in Ballymena where his front and rear seats were treated to a retrim in black leather with blue diamond stitching.

Then one day a Facebook notification pops up on my phone… it’s Michael… and he’s enquiring about the set of OZ Futura’s that I had for sale. “I love the Alphards but I really want to step up my game” he says. He tells me that he has a set of 4×108 to 5×112 adapters and asks can he come over and try them on. So he does and 15 minutes later we’ve made a deal and the wheels are his.

Surprisingly the 17×9 and 17×9.5 ET25 Futuras, that were built to MK5 Golf specs, sat almost perfectly right off the bat with Michaels 20mm adapters but a little camber in the rear allowed for the arch to slip between the lip and tyre giving him the fitment he had be longing for.

With dreams of a new car for next year you would have thought this would be the end for Michael’s 207 but he insists theres more to come from this 400 mile per week daily driver, “I’ve a few more ideas, but I’m holding those cards close to my chest”.