Posted 6 years ago



The MK2 Golf is an icon and the BBM paint job is just as iconic so when Ross bumped into Matthew in Worthersee a shoot had to happen.

If you’re a regular reader of Car Throttle you may recognise the car you see here. It is Matthew Hartle’s OEM styled MK2 GTi in one of Volkswagens most iconic colours, Bright Blue Metallic.


I met Matthew on an evening stroll through Reifnitz on my visit to Worthersee, spotting a cool Worthersee Tour sticker on his car, I asked him where he got it. One thing led to another and I was shooting the photo’s you see here for this short spotlight of his stunning car.


Leaving the colour aside, the most striking and noticeable part of this car is its wheels. A keen eye will notice that these aren’t just regular BBS splits. However, Matthew has had a set of 14” RA’s custom built into 3 piece 16” splits, a very unique and rare touch to the car. To add to this, he has also built a custom space saver version of the wheels for his boot.


At the heart of the car lies a 1.8 8 valve coupled with a 272 Kent camshaft and OEM look stainless steel straight through exhaust system.


Outside, Matthew has kept the car as original as possible. Rare items such as a genuine VW brake light spoiler have been fitted to make this car as unique as it is.

Inside is just as good, everything in almost better condition than the day it left the factory. Matthew has recently fitted a rare US heater panel and heckblende stereo. He has also created a subtle sub enclosure in a boot build that show’s off his custom spare wheel.