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Posted 6 years ago



At Fitted State we enjoy showcasing cars that are a little bit different! Being the first bagged DC5 in Ireland certainly fits that bill.

We find feature cars in a variety of different places – sometimes we know the people who own them, sometimes we see the cars online and other times they show up at shows and events. In the case of Luke Kilmartin’s DC5, a friend, John Kearney, gave us the heads up about a car that he had just finished bagging for a customer. While bagged DC5’s may be more popular across the world, this was defintely the first one that we had heard of in Ireland.

A few weeks later we attended the inagural Auto Heroes event held at Mondello Park and saw the car in the flesh for the first time. Now while we don’t want to tar everyone with the same brush, the general rule of thumb in Ireland is that German cars are built for shows and Jap cars are built to be driven and as such can often be a bit rougher round the edges. This was certainly not the case with Luke.

Luke's DC5 at Auto Heroes

Having been treated to a full bare metal, engine out respray in June 2015, Luke’s facelift DC5 was completely immaculate – not a scratch, swirl or blemish in sight in the Eternal Blue Pearl paint. Modifications had been maticilously chosen to complement the OEM+ styling of the car with the addition of C-West front and Mugen rear lips being the only major changes on the outside.


Under the arches Luke has fitted a modest set of Work Equip 05’s sourced by JDM Distro measuing 8″ up front and 9″ at the rear. Finished with a fully polished surface they tuck nicely behind the arches courtesy of D2 air struts fitted by John Kearney and controlled by 4 way manual paddle valves.


Inside, the factory blue Recaros are accompanied by a Mugen steering wheel, a Kenwood head unit, upgraded Bose speakers and a sutble boot build with a 5 litre polished tank and copper hardlines.


Luke’s DC5 is a great example of how sometimes going against the grain can allow you to build a head turning car with just a few simple but effective modifications.