Les Boyd's

Audi A4


Posted 6 years ago



Twenty inches of wheel, five doors and over one hundred millimetres of drop - not quite the normal equation for a family car is it?

For many of us, modifying cars is just a way of life – we never grow out of it and even when we try to shake the habit and tell ourselves that we are ‘keeping this one standard’ we inevitably start tweaking things and eventually get carried away. Les Boyd is one of these people…

Having been an avid Vauxhall fan for many years (we won’t hold it against you) he decided that he wanted to enter the VAG world. With a wife and three kids Les was never going to get away with a hatchback, so he went on the lookout for something that not only looked great but that was suitable for the daily commute and the school run. That’s when he came across this 2013 Audi A4 Avant for sale… at his local Vauxhall dealership. The Quattro, in S-Line spec, was the perfect base to dip his toes into the VAG scene.

Les barely had the car home before he hit up Si Sweetland, owner of StillStatic, who as many of you will know, is the UK supplier of AH Exclusive / H&R Ultra Deep coilovers. “Anyone that knows me they know I like my shit low”, Les states but the H&R’s were on another level, allowing him to run a serious drop without loss of comfort… its a family car afterall.

With lows sorted and a set of RS6 Peelers fitted the Avant had a dominant presence on the road but it all felt a little too OEM so a call was made to MB Design UK and Mr Sweetland hooked Les up with a set of Eta Beta Venti-R’s, finished in bronze, measuring 20×9 all round for that deep concave look.

Having had the car for a year Les admits that it needs some big boy brakes to complete the look – but they are in the pipeline – he just hasn’t found a way to break it to his wife yet…