Posted 7 years ago



Keith Healy's USDM inspired Civic oozes class and goes to show that sometimes, less is more!

KISS – No not the 1970s rock band but rather the anagram, Keep It Simple Stupid! Over the years I have seen many EK body Civics – some good, some bad and some just plain annoying (bouncing off the limiter – amirite?!). They have an extremely loyal and enthusiastic following but it usually takes something special for me to really pay attention to one.

Keith’s 2000 1.4i SRS may not be shooting flames out of a turbo’d B18 engine, it may not have a lairy paint job or have aero parts for days but it’s clean, simplistic, well thought out modifications make his VTEC vision ooze class.

Bought completely standard on a set of steel wheels with hubcaps in August 2012, Keith has went to town transforming the exterior of his plain jane Civic with more EK9 parts than you can shake a stick at.

Up front we have a flushed front bumper paired with a Mugen lip, JDM fog recesses and an EK9 grille. At the rear the arches have been rolled and pulled, a EK9 rear splitter fitted, EK9 rear lights and of course an EK9 spoiler on USDM tilt brackets.

The car sits on Racing Logic coilovers with Skunk2 rear camber arms, Skunk2 lower control arms and a Beaks tie bar. A Spoon N1 exhaust has also been fitted to give it that signature raspy Honda sound.

For the past 2 years Keith was a part of the XXR family, originally rocking a set of 501’s before switching to a wider set of 002’s to dial in his stance. Having fallen in love with the stance look Keith decided to go even wider and purchased a set of BBS RM’s in 15×8 & 15×9. These were treated to freshly polished lips by East Coast Alloys, new centre caps from HPO and then painted Harvest Moon Beige and wrapped in 165/50/15 Nankangs.

I’ll be honest when I saw the initial test fit pictures I thought there was no way in hell he was going to make the RM’s fit but he’s made good use of the Skunk2 arms and stretched tyres to dial it in to perfection.

The interior of the car has been heavily modified too. Firstly the entire original seating was scraped, the rear was carpeted and EK9 Recaro’s have been fitted up front on DC2 low rails along side a JDM armrest with cupholders and some green 3 point Takata harnesses. He’s also added a Deep dish OMP steering wheel on a Sparco quick release and HKB boss and a USDM wink rear view mirror.

When Keith unveiled this new look on our stand at Letstance he received a lot of praise and it was regarded as one of the best cars at the show – this didn’t surprise us, its a remarkable turnaround in just over 2 years. It just goes to show that you don’t need a massive bank balance to create something cool and unique. Sometimes less is more – Keith has definitely proved that.