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Audi RS4


Posted 8 years ago



You have thirty minutes and the most talked about Audi RS4 in the UK, what do you do? Shoot a ridiculously fast feature of course.

No really. That’s exactly what happened! After some of the Dub Fiction crew made the trip over for Dubshed last weekend, we thought it was only fair to show case one of the most popular/opinion dividing cars in the group, Julian Loose’s Audi RS4. We arranged to shoot the car after the show and cruised down to Audi Belfast, outside the massive Harland & Wolff cranes were our small team swarmed around the car taking pictures.

Jules bought the Audi around 3 years ago completely standard and immediately started to put his mark on it. He’s no stranger to show cars and likes to get his hands dirty building them. Within six weeks of ownership he and his best friend had slammed the car on Airlift struts with Accuair management and complimented that with some H&R anti roll bars. The arches were filled with some 20″ Audi Speedlines off a Q7 and since then he’s been through about 12 sets of wheels! These included some BBS CKs, Audi Rotors, Rotiform TMBs and some custom 3 piece forged wheels, all in 20″, to name a few!

The next area of the Audi super saloon Jules wanted to upgrade was the interior. Yes those Recaro seats that most of long for in our own projects were pulled out by the man himself and sent to MJ Interiors for a retrim in white leather. The dash, head cloth, pillars, steering wheel and a few other interior pieces were also covered in leather and black alcantara for a bit of contrast. As a finishing touch he had the seat backs done in carbon fibre and the belts custom made in blue to match the exterior and WOW does it look good! Almost too nice to sit in! The quality of the workmanship inside is second to none and so well done you would think it was a one-off special made by Audi themselves.

As menacing as a standard RS4 looks, Jules doesn’t really do standard, so he decided to change things up a bit. He sourced a US bootlid and got a friend to repaint the car in Sprint Blue just to improve the finish. Better than standard! He then also had the front plate recess and front splitter remade in carbon fibre and, to finish things off, fitted some LED rear lights and the facelift adaptive xenon headlights.

With that sorted the last piece of the RS4 to get some attention was its heart! Honestly, I’d be happy with a snorty 4.2 V8 nestling under the bonnet, but Jules wanted more! He got Unit 20 to fit a PES Supercharger kit, for more grunt, along with a Sachs/Loba uprated clutch and flywheel, to cope with all the extra power and torque. Engine breathing is taken care of by a pair of Milltek decat pipes mated into a Tubi exhaust and carbon intake. The net results are around 580hp and quite possibly the best noise I have ever heard from a car! Seriously this thing sounds insane and you ever get the chance to hear it let alone see it do not miss out! There’s also a lot of custom carbon fibre covers and Forge pipes and caps to make things look pretty and operate correctly.

And thats it! …no I’m kidding. How could I forget those wheels. They are one of two sets in existence and they measure a whopping 20″ x 10j all round. They are called Messer Turbo Fans and are some of the most controversial wheels I’ve ever come across. Personally I really like them because of how different and unique they are and I think they suit the car, but I know a lot of you may not agree with me. That said, they grab your attention and that’s the idea right? What you won’t have seen is what those amazing wheels are hiding behind them. 16 pot calipers and 400mm discs from Tarox! (Yes you read that right). Jules fitted them himself with a friend and after all that hard work, covered them up with some crazy rims. For that reason Jules is contemplating changing the wheels for something that shows the brakes off better and that is how the car sits for now.

For the future Jules plans on just enjoying the car, travelling to W├Ârthersee in it later on this year and that’s about it. From our brief encounter with Jules and his stunning Audi I have come to realise it’s all about having a bit of fun with cars and friends. Where he could, he has done things himself and called in friends for the harder tasks. He has had a great laugh building the car in the process and made some great friends in the Dub Fiction crew and that’s what it’s all about folks. Have fun, make friends and in the process build something truly awesome!

Now how can I get me an RS4?