Behind the Build

B6 Passat


Posted 9 years ago



We are very lucky to have some awesome friends with awesome cars, so when Gavin Black invited us to get a behind the scenes look of his B6 Passat build how could we say no?

Well as you can see above it’s finally happened, Gavin Black’s B6 Passat is, rather ironically, not black anymore. I’m sure most of you reading this will recognize this Passat from the few years it has been doing the show calendar, but many of you might not know the story behind it. Lets start at the beginning shall we?

You see Gavin likes nothing more than tinkering with his big luxury Volkswagen saloon. From the day he got the car he already had big ideas in his head and wasted no time setting these plans in motion. A set of AP coilovers and some lovely big 19″ Mercedes wheels graced the car almost immediately, along with a US spec grill to complete the look. The car stayed like this for almost a year, but then Gavin got itchy feet and decided to take the car up a notch.

This is when things started to get serious and Gavin, being the independent man that he is, didn’t want to let someone else do the work for him. He bought an air suspension kit off a friend, sorted the management with a digital Autopilot V1 controller and an Accuair valve block and set to work. Rather sensibly Gavin took his time running the lines under the car and routing the electrics in his spare time after work. This is his daily driver after all! He neatly hid the tank and compressor in the quarter panel, for a very OEM+ look, and when all was ready he organised the use of a ramp with a friend and set about fitting the air struts and bags himself! In no time Gavin had a fully aired out, frame laying Passat on the drive and with the Merc wheels back on it looked the business.

However, one night sifting through the classifieds he spotted these rather wide wheels and decided he had to have them as he’d never seen another set. Turns out there are only 4 in the world in this spec. They are Moven CF1 wheels designed for a Porsche 911 and measure a whopping 10.5j out back! Needless to say with the camber dialed in and good bit of stretch they just about fit, the arch line nestling between lip and tyre for that perfect fitment. And it’s that fitment which led Gavin to having the car resprayed, but more on that soon.

Following the new rolling stock Gavin graced the big VW’s exterior with some OEM upgrades including an R-Line front lip, some US only High-Def side skirts and a genuine R36 rear bumper. The latter has recently been replaced with a custom item combining an R-Line rear lip and V6 4motion valance insert for a cleaner look. These additions gave the B6 some much needed attitude, with everything looking lower and wider.

The next area Gavin upgraded was the interior. Having grown bored of the nice, but standard, Highline black leather, he set out to find something new and stumbled across a full cream leather interior from a B6 Passat sport. But Gavin couldn’t just fit a standard trim set into his car. No, he had the brilliant idea of combing both the black and cream to make for a very classy and custom indoors to his car. To finish the inside off and take care of the tunes he devised an ingenious iPad install with a hidden sub in the boot, perfect for daily duties.

So, finally, the respray. How did that come about? Oh yeah, even though Gavin has air, he likes cruising low! Whilst this looks fantastic, his arches didn’t take kindly to it and over time the stance took its toll. The paint wore down and very quickly it started to look a bit tatty. This forced Gavin into a respray and whilst he needed to have all four corners painted it made sense to change to the colour. After much deliberation over the winter months he finally decided on the perfect shade and teamed up with TBR Accident Repair Centre in Drumbo. Gavin stripped the car himself and sent the shell and associated parts up for the big colour change.

In no time at all the Passat was looking better than ever and the rebuild began. We joined him one Sunday for the final parts to be fitted up and got some pics for your viewing pleasure. Yes as you can see that is indeed Gavin doing the work. All the way through this cars transformation he has done as much as he could himself, saving only the important paint process to be carried out by the professionals, and we salute him for this ‘hands-on’ approach.

To complete the new colour scheme Gavin had the wheels painted gold and the lips re-polished to tie in with the interior and the finished article is quite frankly beautiful! We only wish our own cars were as complete as this build and I for one am very excited to see where Gavin takes the car next.

Check out Gavin’s car at Dubshed this weekend, on our show stand this year and stay tuned for the video of the build!