Posted 6 years ago



Gaetano Loiacono's kanjo style EK is a perfect representation of his personaility - it's fun, loud, in your face and doesn't give a fuck what you think!

Over the years Guy’s Civic has seen a lot of different looks, many of which have recieved the type of feedback that would put the normal person off trying something different. Not Guy – he has always, almost defiantly, done what he wanted to do without caring about the opinions of others – sharpied wings for example…

Guy’s current look however is probably the car’s most extravagent. With Japanese Car Culture approaching, Guy, along with Tom Kennedy, Pete Matthews and Blackwater Graphics, decided to put together a few Kanjo style race cars for the show.

For those who are not familiar – the Kanjo is a circular highway system in Japan which has gained fame from its use by street racers who weave through traffic at high speeds as they battle eachother. The cars often have loud racing liveries and it was from this that Guy took inspiration.

Gaetano’s build story begins long before though. Like many a Civic before it Guy soon discovered that his EK4 suffered rust problems. Having replaced the rear arches with new welded in panels, the fronts also got a new look with wider, vented wings and the entire outer shell was given a fresh coat of that familiar yellow paint.


As you may have guessed, Guy doesn’t do sutble and so a Varis Carbon bonnet was fitted, along with a Top One Motors front splitter and sideskirts which he imported from America. Out back the Jordan also features a V2 Seeker carbon spolier and a Dimension bumper drag reduction diffuser.

Stance is taken care of with a full Airlift suspension setup controlled by V2 digital management and under the arches the Klutch SL1’s the car once wore have been replaced with a set of Work Meister CR01’s.


Inside features red DC2 Recaros, a K Tuned short shifter, a digi dash and a Momo Team 280 steering wheel.


Sadly this is the end of Guy’s journey with the EK4 as it’s getting split over the winter so that Guy can concentrate on his Civic Coupe & Del Sol projects. I’m sure they’ll be just as in your face as this!