Posted 6 years ago



The year is 2014 and in Ireland there was a true love story blossoming - forget Bella, forget Jacob or Edward, this is a better love story than Twilight, a proper bromance!

It features two young men, Francis Kealey & Graham Culligan. Little did they know that their amicability was to become the basis of the tale that I’m going to tell you today… “The car that friendship built”.


Like many of us, Francis started off with good intentions. He had purchased a sensible car, a bog standard Volkswagen Scirocco with a small but surprisingly nippy 1.4 twin-charged TSI engine and his only plans were to keep it well serviced and in good condition. Cully, being the good friend that he is, couldn’t stand by and watch his pal waste the best years of his life being sensible! Slowly but surely Cully chipped away at Frank’s willpower and eventually he caved, ordering a Scirocco R rear bumper from Germany.

When the bumper arrived it taken to a bodyshop and painted / fitted pretty quickly but Cully was hot on their tracks. Not wanting to give Francis any chance to change his mind the pair took a 4 hour journey to get a custom exhaust system made to match the very same day!

Now that Frank was open to some modifications it wasn’t long before a set of AVA Memphis wheels were purchased. This is where the slippery slope began – in just 2 years the Scirocco would go through 9 sets of wheels and 4 suspension setups before it finally reached the stage that you see now. “I get bored very quickly. In the space of 2 months I had 3 different sets of wheels, that was my worst period”, Francis sheepishly admits.

In fairness Frank tried his best to “be a pussy” and started off with 40mm lowering springs but after 3 months of being hounded by his friends he finally gave in and bought coilovers… he hated them. “Within 24 hours of fitting the coilovers I knew I wanted air!” he proclaims. So he started saving some cash and a couple of months later he purchased an Airlift kit with performance struts and V2 management. This was paired with a set of Rotiform DIA’s and that is how the car would stay – for at least a couple of months.


Air was a much more pleasing option for Francis but a few months later he began to grumble that his V2 management was “playing up”. It just so happened that this was around the same time that Airlift announced the release of their new 3H & 3P management systems… coincidence? We’ll let you decide.


So with 3P bought and installed and show season just around the corner, Frank decided to splash the cash some more, buying a R front bumper, installing a touchscreen radio and having Cully build him a bootbuild that complemented the OEM styling of the car. The finishing touch was a set of Rotiform’s newly released CCV wheels in 19”, with optional red centre caps.

Frank makes no excuses, “my car wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for my mates – mainly Cully, I owe everything to him, pretty much I love that guy. I’ve always said that this is the car that friendship built. I’m gutted to be selling it – it has so many good memories”.