6N Polo


Posted 7 years ago



From base spec budget car to beautiful show car - Emmett O Neill's 6N Polo has undergone an amazing transformation.

There are two types of build – ones that gradually gain traction over many years, getting better and better with each modification and ones that seemingly come together over night and have an immediate impact. This Polo falls into both.

Four years ago Emmett purchased as base spec Polo with a lowly 1.0 litre engine and soon began modifying it – adding coilovers and a set of Minilites then 16v 6N bumpers and a set of BBS RM’s followed.

While it has been on the show scene for quite some time we’ll be the first to put our hands up and say that we never really paid it much attention. That was until I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a post by @emmy6n unveiling his new look. I immediately screenshotted it and sent it to the guys saying “This is awesome – we need to shoot this!”.

You see over the winter Emmett went to town on his beloved Polo giving it a full respray from white to Audi Ipanema Brown. The front bumper has been smoothed, along with the tow points and skirt joins and the rear bumper modified to give the exhaust exit an OEM feel. A 6N2 GTI front splitter has been added and both front and rear lights have been upgraded to aftermarket items to freshen things up.

The inside has also seen some major changes with Mitsubishi Evo 4 Recaro seats with harness deletes, trimmed in autumn Bentley leather taking centre stage in front of a Momo 280mm steering wheel. The door cards, gear knob and gear gaiter have also been trimmed to match while the ABC pillars and door handles have been hydro dipped carbon.

In the rear the seats have been removed and replaced with a colour coded show cage, two airlift tanks and two Viair 380c compressors, connected with copper hardlines.

With all the work on the cars look a 50bhp engine was never going to do, so the 1.0 litre lump has been replaced by a 1.4 16v engine with a 4-2-1 manifold and decatted Jetex stainless exhaust system to more than double the power.

The final piece of the jigsaw came from the United States when Emmett called upon CCW to make him a set of custom LM16’s. Weighing in at 16×8 up front and 16×9 at the rear, the stance is dialled in with camber bolts and rear shims, and a double chassis notch to get the car on the floor.

Missing Dubshed due to the sad death of his grandfather, Emmett finally debuted the car at the Limerick VW show where he stood head and shoulders above the competition to take home the car of the show trophy.

In days where it’s more likely for people to modify their cars with bolt on mods it’s great to see a car make such a transformation from start to finish – in the right hands, every car has potential.