How Deep?



Posted 5 years ago



One of the great things about Wothersee is the friends you make along the way. This year my mission was to shoot a European car. A car that hasn’t really been seen before on Irish or UK media.

So when Dylan, my travelling friend on this trip, got chatting to the owner of the MK6 you see here, we knew we were on top something. The following night we bumped into Dennis again and decided to meet at a location not far from the lake.

Nothing good comes easy, so when we arrived and were setting up to shoot, an airline located beside the GTi’s exhaust decided the heat was too much and sprung a leak. This led to us pushing a fully aired out car from one side of a container yard to the other, while we waited on Dennis’ friends from K-Custom to arrive to replace the airline. This gave us plenty of time to grab the photos you see here.

The MK6 started out in life as a regular GTi, however, Dennis wanted a unique look so he treated it to an Edition 35 front bumper and side skirts, 6R diffuser and tail lights and various other parts around the car wrapped in vinyl. A hallmark of most European show cars is to be loud, so Dennis ticked this box by fitting a 3” HG Motorsport exhaust system with carbon fibre tailpipes and a carbon cold air intake.

The car had to sit right, so this has been achieved with a GAS air-ride kit, adjustable camber arms and custom drive shafts to allow the car to sit lower than most MK6’s around. The 18” OZ Futura’s are tucked under the SRS Tec widened arches up front and at the rear thanks to 7 degrees of negative camber.

Big shout-out to Dennis for giving us the pleasure of shooting his How Deep sponsored MK6. A truly nice guy, I look forward to bumping into him again in the future.