Static Dreams

E46 M3


Posted 8 years ago



Wheel whore Dan Taylor's latest creation sees custom fabrication meet crazy static lows in this Bavarian love story.

We first met Dan Taylor at Ultimate Dubs 2014 when he was rocking a bagged E46 316 that had been treated to a full black to grey respray, a purple interior and a healthy set of colour coded OZ Breytons poking outside the arches. While the 316 looked fantastic there was always something missing… the ///M and so it was sold along with some of Dan’s prized wheel collection (more on that later) to fund his dream E46 M3.

“When I bought the car it was on some BBS reps and some cheap suspension with standard interior.. I knew I had to change that instantly! I replaced the suspension with Broadway static coilovers becoming the first E46 M3 in the UK to run them – absolutely incredible pieces of kit!”, Dan proclaims.

Next on the hit-list was wheels. As we already mentioned Dan is a bit of a wheel whore, so much so that he has now formed his own company, Wheel Unique, supplying and refurbishing split wheels. His somewhat of a luxurious personal collection ranges from rarities like BBS Turbofans, Gotti G1001s, Autostrada Modenas & Carline CM6s to custom made beauties like the set the M3 wears – a collection that even the most hardened wheel aficionado would appreciate.

So you would think that someone with such taste in wheels would have an easy time picking the right set for the M3, right? Wrong! “It took me months to decide on wheels however a good friend in America Khalil had an M3 running 18” Futuras”, Dan tells us but he soon fell in love and began to build his own set of Futuras with a twist… 17” faces with 18” step dishes. “I wanted to obviously run the car low so I decided poke was a bad idea so I went flush running 9.5 front and 11” rears, colour coded faces and black spiked hardware!”

With wheels nailed Dan then moved onto the interior, “I had always wanted a set of Recaro pole positions but could never find the right set for the right money. After a few weeks hunting a good friend Lawrence Grey pointed me in the direction of some he had just trimmed, leather with alcantara cushions and blue diamond stitching which matched the car perfectly”. These where snapped up and paired with a customised set of Recaro side mounts to get the driving position perfect.

With the Bavarian jigsaw coming together piece by piece Dan then saw another area which he could improve and matched flappy paddles and gear surrounds with the carbon trimmed splitter and diffuser that were already on the car.

When we first saw the finished product be were blown away and with future plans for a set of stepped AC Schnizter Type 1’s and more carbon we can’t wait to see where he goes with it.