MK6 Golf


Posted 5 years ago



I must say, I love Instagram...

Strolling through Reifnitz on the first of the four day show, I spotted a striking yellow MK6 with perfect fitment parked on the footpath at the top of the town. Now I like to call myself an avid Instagrammer and my addiction means there isn’t much I miss, however this was one car I had never seen before. Thankfully though, I loaded up the popular app and after a few minutes scrolling through hashtags, I found the owner and immediately contacted him to setup a shoot.

The said owner is Chris Coles, who had driven a considerable distance from Scotland to spend a number of days at the lake. He made the journey in the car you see here, a BMW Atacama Yellow MK6 TDI Bluemotion. This car, however, is no longer the MPG saver VW created it to be, thanks to stage 2 upgrades boosting power from 140hp to 200hp. Chris has also fitted a 3” turbo-back exhaust with 4” tips to make the Golf growl when he steps on the loud peddle.

Externally, the Golf has been treated to a GTi rear bumper, diffuser and LED smoked taillights. Up front, a Golf R bumper has been fitted along with an Ingo Noak splitter. Chris completes the look with non-LED R headlights, giving the car its striking look.

This car would not be half the car it is without that fitment and Chris has achieved this with custom machined CCW Classics in 9.5 and 10.5 inch widths to sandwich them neatly against the Golf’s arches. Thanks to Airlift Performance bags with Accuair switch speed management, the Golf sits perfectly, making it a real head turner.

There’s nothing better than seeing a home built car and Chris has put endless hours into the Golf to make it the car it is from the respray to the wheels and air. Chris would also like to put in a special shout-out to his mum for stitching that interior. Where would we be without them eh?