Audi RS4


Posted 5 years ago



A serial builder of VAG cars, Carl Robinson made a return to Belfast with his newest creation - a familiar Audi RS4.

I’m a huge fan of the static, euro style of modifying Volkswagens – it all started at Dubshed in 2016 when a certain white MK7 R, dropped on H&R coilovers over some OZ Ultraleggera’s caught my eye. I fell in love and posted a picture on Instagram which sparked a short conversation with its owner in the comments. One year later, that same owner was returning to Dubshed, with something equally as striking. The 2013 Audi B8 RS4 Avant you see here.

I first saw images of this car on the Friday before Ultimate Dubs, when Carl posted a photo inside Reep Scotland’s detailing bay. I couldn’t get enough of the unique OEM+ look and dropped Carl a message right away, to organise a shoot a few weekends later. After a bit of difficulty finding the time at Dubshed to make the shoot happen, we got the car free from the showgrounds on Saturday evening and battled the glaring evening sun to grab the photo’s above.

Bought from Parm at Car Audio Security late last year, it came partially built to Carl’s needs. Full Airlift Performance suspension, Rockford Fosgate sound system and boot build already installed. The 20” Rotiform IND-T wheels it had previously sported were soon removed, in favour of striking 21” C7 RS6 wheels, which were given some love by WheelPro.

Carl has a soft spot for fixed back Recaro Pole Positions, so a set were sourced and sent straight to Del at Optimus Automotive Retrimmers to have them replicated in the style of the original RS4 wingbacks. Del also tackled the rest of the interior, matching the rear seats too, in black leather, alcantara and red stitching.

To fill those huge 21” wheels, Carl has fitted a set of 6pot RS6 calipers which chew on massive 390mm rotors up front. At the rear, the big RS4 is stopped by 4pot R8 calipers and 356mm disc’s. The eagle eyed will notice the subtle DC logo on the calipers, created in the same style as the Audi “RS” logo. Carl is involved with the running of their annual show in Silverstone, DC17. The team were in Belfast to promote the show on the 22nd/23rd of July, along with a tasteful white MK2 Golf with something a little different under the bonnet. You can expect a short and sweet spotlight on that car coming soon.

Carl’s RS4 is a perfect example of how euro car’s should be done, the combination of sizeable OEM wheels and big brakes proving to work just as well on bagged cars as they do static.

We hope to see Carl and his RS4 at our upcoming show “Built” on August 13th at Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast.