Zero Lip, Zero Gap

VW Up!


Posted 7 years ago



We have never featured one of our own cars before, mainly because we don’t want to blow our own trumpets. I decided to make an exception this time though as our boy Adam Hamill has built one of the coolest cars on the VAG scene.

Lets start this off by stating that Adam doesn’t see things the same way as the rest of us, he has unusual tastes and does things most of us wouldn’t even think of – after all the first time I met him was when he showed up to a local car meet in his boosted 2.4L Land Rover Defender which also happened to be his first car.

So it should come as no surprise that when he started attending shows and getting a feel for what direction he wanted to go, that he decided to ditch the Landy not for one of VW’s more popular models, like the Golf or Polo, but instead a brand new, one litre Up!

It also shouldn’t be a surprise that with only 675 miles on the clock that it was dropped off to John Peden (yes, him again) to have the standard suspension removed and replaced with a custom 2 way hydraulic setup to get it on the floor.

On the inside the standard seats have been removed and replaced with black Corbeau bucket seats, matching Luke harnesses and a rear seat delete / false floor by Audio Advice which hides the hydro pump and provides a few clever hidden compartments to put his cleaning gear at shows. He’s also fitted a Momo Team 280mm steering wheel with snap off boss for extra scene points.

Outside things have been kept simple with the front bumper smoothed and the light blue (not white) paint kept in pristine condition by Rollo Gillespie at OCDNI. Less is more, right?

Where Adam has really excelled though is in the wheel game. The Up! has seen no less than 4 sets of wheels, beginning with Schmidt TH Lines with colour coded centres and gold bolts (if you’re on any buy and sell page on Facebook you will have seen them), bronze Rota Grids with the obligatory painted tyres and finally fully polished Rotiform SCR’s. However it is the latest set that has really got people excited.

Having picked up a set of extremely rare BBS E55 magnesium faces with even rarer centre locks, Adam secretly built a set of wheels which he “will never sell”. A 17” zero lip setup with 8” barrels were the outcome and these were bolted to the Up! with 4×100 centre lock adapters by G23 Engineering that feature custom machined centre caps. Choosing a really aggressive fitment Adam has managed to still lay frame despite going up a wheel size by tucking the arch neatly between the lip and tyre on all four corners.

Unveiling his new look at Ultimate Dubs this year and it’s safe to say jaws dropped. Adam was subsequently invited to have his car featured in Performance VW magazine by PVW Editor & Wheel Whores top dog Elliot Roberts – if that isn’t recognition then what is?