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Posted 6 years ago



We’ve had a close knit relationship with the guys at Raceism over the years with some of our own team also being part of the Raceism United crew so when we were asked to be media partners for their very first event it was a no brainer.

Having tested the xPOSED theory with a dry run at Heatwave last year it was clear that Ireland was really lacking a high quality, indoor, multi marque stance show, and so, a plan was hatched and a venue was booked. With ample indoor space, a car wash nearby and plenty of places to eat in the area, the National Show Centre in Dublin was the perfect space to hold the event.

Setup began early Saturday morning and by the time we arrived on Sunday, hungover and sweaty palmed from a spirited run down from Belfast, everything was starting to take shape. We particularly liked how the Raceism United crew looked after the drivers. Many have said in the past that without the cars there are no shows – the United crew took this literally and provided the drivers with free access and a VIP lounge with drinks and games consoles with Forza to play – nice work lads!


A few weeks prior RU co-founder Rafal Sadowski had asked me would I help judge the show – which I was honoured to do – but little did I realise how tough a job it would be as the standard of cars on show was to an incredibly high level. Lets start with Ricks Car Care for example who had teamed up with our friends at ILB. They’ve been causing a bit of a stir lately with all things rocket bunny. We had already seen their incredible S15 (owned by David Coleman) and their MX5 (owned by Rick Weldon himself) but they had something new in store for us for xPOSED.


So you think your wheels are wide? Tell Cal Mulligan that! With the help of Ricks Car Care, Cal has just completed his Rockey Bunny 350z, the first in Ireland, which runs a jaw dropping 18×15 inch rear wheel. On multiple occasions we walked passed the car and saw people setting children on the rear dishes they were that wide. Finished with a full nerd grey respray, Bride seats and Airlift suspension it was drawing crowds all day.


Another car that had people around it all day was Anthony Stafford’s BN Sports widebody JZX100 Toyota Chaser Mark 2 which was still being built on site when we arrived on Sunday. From what I hear the car doesnt run and drive yet, but it didn’t need to. The aggressive styling and fitment made it a real crowd pleaser.


Another of my favourites on the day was Colin Burnsides’ MK1 Volkswagen Caddy. I’ll be honest – I’ve overlooked it in the past but in my role as a judge I had a chance to give it the close look it deserved. From the carbon skinned bumpers and front lip, to the immaculate period correct interior and excellent green paint layered over pristine metalwork – it really deserves the accolades it has been receiving.


Other cars that really caught our eye on the day were Micky Geraghty’s Honda S2000 that rocked a set of Autostrada Modenas, Thomas Lacey’s bagged Subaru Impreza and Gavin Black’s Audi A8 with 19” to 21” stepped BBS Speediness.