Event Coverage

Part 1


Posted 5 years ago



If there’s one place on Earth I could happily see myself travelling to year on year, it would be the lakeside town of Velden, in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

There’s something about the place, that we’ll never be able to put into words, it really does have to be seen to be believed.

2017 would be our second year attending the three week long, world famous event and while we drove the 2500+ kilometres to the lake 12 months ago, this year we decided to fly and rent easily the slowest car I’ve ever driven. The bog spec Fiesta would be in for a serious week, from John Kearney giving it a taste of Irish driving to hitting its top speed of 165kph on the autobahn.

Arriving in Velden on the first night is always special, from 20+ kilometres away the roads begin to be dominated by modified German cars of all makes and models. Compared with last year, the amount of cars at the lake had at least tripled, which was much to our surprise considering we were arriving one week after the events standout attraction, the XS Carnight show in Klagenfurt.

Last year was the guinea pig year. Having never been before we spent most of the time driving around trying to find the locations where meets were held. Now knowing exactly where everything was at the lake, we could enjoy exactly what Worthersee is about, and most importantly, photograph the cars.

Tuesday night best described it. We were at Faak, a nearby lake which is home to a short strip of road known as the Turbokurve and one of the more popular gathering spots at Worthersee. There were hundreds of people sitting on deck chairs at the roadside, the sun was a baking fiery orange on the horizon and music was playing from a classic boombox placed in the middle of the road. For me, this one night alone summed up why thousands drive up into the mountains for this unique event.

Part two is coming soon, in which I’ll share the second half of the week and our trip to the BMW museum. We’ll also include a little preview of the four photoshoots we have coming to these pages very soon.