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Part 2


Posted 6 years ago



In Part 1 we covered the journey to Wörthersee and our initial thoughts, I part 2 we get into the real deal.

Imagine a town, bathed in sunshine, countless stanced car’s lining the streets, filling the nearby fields and carparks. Music playing over loudspeakers, broken periodically by the sound of screeching tyres from the BBS live action arena. Hundreds of people enjoying the super chilled atmosphere, collecting freebies at the Volkswagen stand or enjoying a cold beverage by the lakeside.


This is GTI Treffen, Worthersee’s annual 3 day show in the town of Reifnitz, Austria.

But first, you may remember I briefly mentioned in part one something about a 40 years of GTi celebration at the Shlosshotel in Velden. Well, the first batch of photo’s you see here are from just that.


Strolling through Velden on Sunday morning I happened across this gathering. Unknown to me, this was an invite only affair, however, not knowing this at the time, I casually stepped inside the gate and began shooting in the drizzling rain.


This was a gathering of Worthersee’s very best “GTi’s”. The SourKrauts Berg Cup MK1 stealing my eye along with a 1 of 1 BBS clad MK7 Cabrio.


The show, however, was the main attraction of the week. Numerous car’s breaking necks as they arrived throughout the day. One of which, and possibly one of my favourites of the week, was that BMW Austin Yellow A4 with RAD48 wheels showing almost more inner barrel than tyre.


I leave you with these photo’s to enjoy, along with a short spotlight feature on a certain BBM MK2 coming soon to these pages.


Until next year, Worthersee.