Event Coverage

Part 1


Posted 6 years ago



Every summer the towns around the alpine lake of Worthersee become the backdrop to a month long series of antics that occur as a pre-lim to the main three day Worthersee Treffen event in Reifnitz.

If you’re reading this there’s a fair chance you know modified Volkswagens and know exactly what Worthersee is all about. But if you don’t…

Well, it’s hard to describe the place. It’s almost like an invasion. Velden and its neighbouring towns and villages, taken over by modified cars for almost a month. It’s hard to imagine this place without the cars. How it goes about its everyday life. Because everywhere you look there are cars parked. In shop entrances or outside beautiful architecture such as the Falkensteiner Shlosshotel. Others simply cruising the streets aimlessly, their occupants giving the odd blip of throttle to the thrill of hundreds of onlookers.


As a car lover, this was just the best thing I’d ever experienced in my lifetime. It’s hard to contain excitement when I arrived in Velden that first night. Having been to Spa, the Nurburgring and the Porsche Museum in the day’s previous you’d think it hard to find something to look forward to even more. What greeted us was something un-describable. It really is a “you have to see it to believe it” type of event.


What stood out most was the sheer quality of the cars. It’s almost as if the best show-cars from every European country descend on this place. It’s hard to think of any other event where a Liberty Walk M4 isn’t out of the norm parking in the carpark of Velden’s local Spar.

It’s a hard event to shoot as a photographer. You really have to be “in the know” as to the different meet-ups and events that take place in the weeks before the show. For example, on Sunday morning I stumbled across an invite-only celebration of GTi turning 40, hosted by Volkswagen, at the Shlosshotel in Velden. I managed to sneak inside and you will see the photo’s in the second part of my coverage coming soon to Fitted State.


At night Worthersee really comes alive. As countless car’s pile into the Eni Tankstelle fuel station situated just above Velden, the atmosphere really hypes up. Hundreds pitch their folding chairs at the roadside to watch Berg Cup MK1’s, Golf R’s and slammed 70’s Mercedes cruise up and down.


As the days fade to night and nights to day again the main show quickly comes round and the small town of Reifnitz, 15 minutes from Velden, is the venue for something very special. Something I will explain, hopefully more briefly than this post, in part two of this coverage along with photo’s coming very soon.