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VAGE 2014


Posted 8 years ago



While half the Fitted State team were in Scotland, the other half stayed ‘local’ and took a visit to VAGE Eire’s 12th annual show, located just outside of Cork at the Corrin Event Center in the small town of Fermoy.

Though not the largest show in Ireland, VAGE plays host to all types of different Volkswagens, Audis, Skodas etc from all corners of Ireland. Like many shows this year, VAGE was hit with changeable weather however the rain didn’t dampen spirits as there were a host on new builds to keep people entertained.

One of these builds, TJ Carroll’s MK2 Jetta, hasn’t seen roads in almost three years. This was because TJ wanted something special to roll to his wedding it, so out came the stock engine and in went a 24v V6 block (yes, the same engine as Gethin’s tyre shredding MK3, albeit without the turbo – I hear theres a supercharger coming though).

Having just been married the day before, TJ’s love for Volkswagen’s (and his wife’s patience) was clear for all to see as he made a brief stop at the show before setting off on his honeymoon.

One of the things we enjoy about VAGE is that its home turf for the Racism United boys. Last year they cleaned up winning pretty much every class they were entered in and this year they didn’t disappoint bringing some quality rides such as Luk’s A4, Raf’s A6 Avant, Bommel’s Cupra, Bartek’s Passat Estate, John’s A4 Avant and Karl’s MK4 Golf.

Northern Ireland is always well represented at VAGE and this year was no different with the GTINI guys in attendance and Kyle Jackon’s beautiful Audi S3 also making the journey.

VAGE is always a good day out and it’s great to see the show make a 12th year – it just goes to prove how strong the VAG scene is throughout Ireland.