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Posted 8 years ago



The show the UK has been crying out for. Ultimate Stance hosted the best of all things fitted to close out the 2014 show season.

Ultimate Dubs has become the official opener to show season in the UK over the past numbers of years, so when the guys from Dub Shows announced that they’d be closing the year with a new show in conjunction Wheel Whores we knew we were in for a treat.

Unlike UD, Ultimate Stance was open to all who enjoy the low lifestyle and this provided us with a fresh look at some awesome builds that we wouldn’t normally get it see. From a bagged Lotus Espirit with an Alfa engine swap to a Mini Clubman shell dropped on top of an Mazda MX-5 chassis, there was definitely plenty to keep everyone entertained.

In the Wheel Whores hall attendee’s could bring along their rare, spare or unneeded sets of wheels to show and to swap with other wheel fanatics. They also hosted the Tykes and Trikes display were people could show off their increasingly popular modified Little Tykes and children’s replica cars.

All in all we thought Ultimate Stance was a great success and a great way to end show season. Mark it in your calendars for 2015!