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Dubs Pt 1


Posted 8 years ago



We kick off our second show campaign where it all began - at the prestigious Ultimate Dubs in Telford.

Ultimate Dubs a special show not only because it’s the UK’s biggest indoor VAG show but because its the official kick off a new show season where enthusiasts finally unveil their labours of love.  This leads to a hype that no other UK show can match – so we knew we had to be there, no excuses.

We weren’t disappointed either as there were plenty of show stopping new builds such as Ollie Manuello’s Audi R8 and Niall O’Dowds Porsche Cayman to keep us entertained. Some familiar faces such as Matt Clifford’s BMW E31 and Thomas Bowsher & Kat Giles’ MK5 Golfs were also there sporting new looks.

Being a weekend long event the Saturday is billed as a setup / preview day. This gave us an opportunity to get behind the scenes and show you what goes on in preparation for the show. In Part 2 we will cover Sunday – the main show day – so keep your eyes peeled for that.