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Dubs '17


Posted 5 years ago



Five years ago on a cold 'Sepmember' afternoon, GTINI added a third show to their already impressive repertoire which included the season opener, Dubshed, and a more relaxed summer show in Castlewellan.

What started as one of a number of events to help celebrate the centenary of the boat that sank, Titanic Dubs has now become the unofficial end of season get together for the show scene in Northern Ireland. With thoughts turned to 2018, it serves as a platform to discuss winter build plans with friends over complimentary coffee and scones!

After last years washout the sight of sun on Saturday morning was very much welcomed and it wasn’t long before both sides of the famous dry dock were lined with high-quality VAG machinery.

One such car was Kyle Jackson’s Audi S3. Anyone who knows Kyle will know that he is obsessed with big brakes – what you may not have known however is that Kyle has been building an engine in the background which is finally a match for those huge Lamborghini stoppers.

Running an Owens development 3073 HTA Turbo with a stage 3 map the 2.0 TFSI engine now runs at 592 bhp on race fuel and well over 500bhp on 97 pump fuel. A worthy winner of car of the show in our eyes.

Audi’s on large Lamborginhi brakes seem to be the flavour of the month. Joe Bolik has went a very much different direction with his A3 than Kyle but both cars are equally as head turning. Sat on 19″ ceramic polished BBS LM’s with gold hardware and centre caps it looks great in 5 door trim.

A man that seems to have been in Belfast more often than he’s been at home in Scotland this year is Neil Chapman. Neil has joined us for Dubshed, Built and Titanic Dubs this year in his beautiful brown MK4 Golf. With a smoothed and tucked 20VT engine, sequential gearbox, 8 pot brakes, fully trimmed interior with a TT dash swap it really has the best of both show and go!

That pretty much wraps us up for 2017 – we may have some Ultimate Stance coverage for you, but don’t worry we have a huge backlog of features that we are going to be working our way through over the coming months so there will be plenty to keep you entertained during the quiet season!