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Posted 6 years ago



What happens when you combine the guys at Players with a historic racing circuit, world class sponsors and some of Europe's best modified cars? Our new favourite show!!

Trips to England have now become standard practise for the Fitted State crew and every year we try and take in an event that we haven’t been to before. This year, after the glowing praises our friends at ILB gave the 2015 show, we decided to visit Players Classic. Rather than spending an entire day just travelling the odd 500 miles on boats and motorways, we flew to Gatwick, picked up a Jaguar XE and made our way to Goodwood.


When we arrived at the show we instantly knew it was going to be legit, with cars in the public car park better than a lot of ‘show cars’ we often see. As we walked our way through the Players showcase, through the underpass and into the Meguiars paddock the first thing we noticed was how stunning a backdrop Goodwood really was. More famously known for hosting the Festival of Speed at the nearby Goodwood House, the historic racing circuit keeps its vintage feel with its quintessential middle class English decor and vintage branding – it’s a nice place to be.


The grounds are split up into multiple areas, each with a different look to the next but the all follow the same quirky formula – this makes it feel like your walking round a small town rather than a car show.


Some of our favourite cars of the day included Kiran Mistry’s beautiful Audi 80 Sport on the Players stand. Wearing the E50s from his equally stunning MK1 Golf it’s understated class really appealed to me.


Nick Singh Sahota’s E30 M3 has went few quite a few looks since we first saw at back at Ultimate Dubs in 2014 but its current look is the best yet imo.


Car of the show went to probably the most quirky thing on display – Carl Raine’s epic Fiat 126. Can’t argue that it stood out from the crowd!