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Posted 8 years ago



Let it never be said that Fitted State only take pictures of Volkswagens! We went to check out the local BMW scene at NI-BMW's 10th Anniversary show.

While growing up my dad was always a big fan of BMW’s and while he dipped into other marques such as Ford and Mercedes, he always came back to a Bimmer. To this day I still have fond memories of going for drives in his E30 325i so it’s safe to say that while I am a VW man at heart, I do have quite the soft spot for our Bavarian brothers.

Having spent the last year listening to my good friend Borly’s rants about how I should look outside the VW scene or how his E90 330d is faster than my Golf GTI I decided to see what the local BMW enthusiasts had to offer and joined him in attending NI-BMW’s annual show, held in the the shadows of Carrickfergus Castle.

The first thing I noticed was that the BMW scene is very much dominated by OEM+ with owners choosing to make subtle changes, factory upgrades and engine mods to their cars rather than all out customisation. However there were some more highly modified cars in attendance such as Ruairi Coleman’s beautiful E36 which has been treated to a full respray, air suspension and more sets of wheels than your local Halfords.

Other cars that caught our eye were a 630i coupe, it’s combination of road presence, subtlety and aggressive looks certainly drew attention, and Laurence Armstrong’s 2002 turbo which brought a touch of retro cool to proceedings.

The perfect weather, a relaxed atmosphere and some interesting German machinery made for a really enjoyable show which we will be adding to our diary again for next year.