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Live 2015


Posted 7 years ago



While show season kicked off in March in the North, in the South they had to wait to the end of April for Modified Live at Mondello Park.

Run in conjunction with Round 1 of the Irish Drift Championship, Modified Live has often been a bit of an after thought with people arriving for the track action and deciding that they may as well throw their car into the show too. This year however seemed to be different…

Ireland was hit hard by the economic recession and for many years a lot of people in the South didn’t have a lot of cash to throw into an expensive hobby such as modifying a car. Things seem to be changing though – infact a friend of mine in the alloy wheel business in Ireland has told me that his latest monthly order is the largest he has made in almost a decade – and as a result we a starting to see the standard of car’s in the Republic climb.

Now while it still may not be on par with the shows we have in the North or in the UK it was great to see some cool examples on show like Paddy Finnegan’s Aristo, David Coleman’s AE86 and of course our extended Fitted State family of Niall Gerety’s Jetta, Stephen McKenna’s MK6, Graham Culligan’s MX5 and Keith Healy’s Civic.

We look forward seeing the scene progress in Ireland and bringing you more coverage from South of the border.