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VW 2015


Posted 7 years ago



In 2014 we visited the Limerick VW show for the first time as Fitted State and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to make the 500 mile trip to check it out again this year.

Leaving Belfast on Saturday with our convoy (my MK5 GTI, Ryan’s A5, Gavin’s Passat & Jack’s MK5) with others joining on route (Moe’s MK6 & Niall’s Jetta), we always look forward to our annual road trip to the west of Ireland for steak, beer and Volkswagens.

After a… civilised night… we packed up and headed to Limerick Racecourse to set up and get a look at some of the best VAG cars that Ireland had to offer. There were even some non VAG cars that caught our eye like an BMW E39 on a set of E36 Bottlecaps that had been cut from a 1 piece wheel and machined to turn them into 3 piece splits, weighing in at 18×9 and 18×10.

Another car we really took a shine to was Emmett O Neill’s 6N Polo which took car of the show after being resprayed in Audi Ipanema Brown and bagged on CCW LM16’s. Keep an eye out for our feature of it.

Once again our cars were very popular picking up multiple awards:

Clark – Best MK5 Golf
Ryan – Best Audi
Gavin – Best Passat / Bora / Jetta
Niall – Runner Up Passat / Bora / Jetta
Moe – Runner Up MK6 / MK7 Golf