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Posted 5 years ago



Every year the team from Letstance become amateur meteorologists, checking the weather on a hourly basis on the lead up to their show at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

Last year they narrowly managed to avoid having to turn the museum’s display boat into a modern day ark but this year the weather gods weren’t so kind. With changeable weather all day our friends, and show sponsor, Kleen Freaks must have made a killing on drying towels. Spirit’s weren’t dampened however and during the breaks in the rain we were treated to a display of stancy whips (© Steven Toner).

As always Letstance was well attended by those from across the water. Dan Steele was one of those travelling, making the journey from Scotland to unveil his Bentley at the show.

Their was no missing this Continental, with its copper Rotiform BLQ’s being complimented with a Bridge of Weir Jaffa orange interior retrim by Optimus.

Another car joining us from Scotland was Michelle Martin’s A3. The combo of Nardo grey paint, 20″ wheels and big brakes is very in right now and this Audi wears it well.

Gavin Black always has something interesting to show at Letstance. After unveiling his Audi A8 on 21″ Custom BBS Speedline’s here last year he has since had a child and bought a family wagon… well at least thats what he told his wife. Their Skodi Yeti has become the new demo car for his company Blackline Performance and features a full Airlift suspension system with 3P management and a set of Rotiform LSR’s – both of which he can supply ;).

Last but not least we have Tim Long’s S2000. I’ve seen this car a lot on social media and I’ve been trying to nail Tim down for a feature for a while now but this was my first time seeing it in person.

While the purists see the S2000 as an engineering masterpiece that should be treated as such, Tim is more of the opinion that it should be on the floor. Wrapped in candy purple with a large drift style wing this convertible was easy to spy across the show. Featuring a genuine set of Volk TE37’s (no Rota’s here) it’s got some pretty tight fitment courtesy of Airrex struts. We’ll have more of this soon… promise!