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Posted 4 years ago



Now in it's third year, JCC is Ireland’s only indoor JDM exhibition, bringing together everything from rare retro Japanese classics to insane horse power highly tuned monsters and everything in between.

Our second show report of the year ironically comes from the same location as the last, the Eikon Exhibition Centre in Lisburn. This time however the halls were filled with the finest Japanese machinery, rather than the german marques of their counterparts Dubshed.

Having pulled a crowd of 9,000 people strong last year, Ryan, Adam and the rest of the JCC team decided to take the leap and move from the Titanic Exhibition Centre to the much bigger Eikon which boasted 2 large indoor halls, an action arena and ample space for outdoor entries. A bold move, but would it pay off?

One of the biggest concerns of moving to a larger venue is can you still fill it with quality machinery – thankfully this was something JCC didn’t need to worry about. After what seems like many years in the shadows the Jap scene is finally forcing it’s way back into the spotlight.

Speaking of quality, this 70’s Mitsubishi Colt Estate sitting on Hoshino Impul wheels oozed it with the bright blue paintwork drawing me in to the finer chrome details.

On a more modern note, this BN Sports kitted Nissan S14 was right up my street. It looks at home here as it would burning tyres at Driftland.

Speaking of drifting, we can’t help but be amazed at how good the Quinns M-Sport cars were presented. Having been at Mondello Park last weekend for the Irish Drift Championship I seen first hand how badly Kevin Quinn and Joe Doyle beat these cars up – yet 7 days later the battle scars were all but unnoticeable.

High horsepower turbo’d engines were the order of the day such as this 1.5JZ with Holset strapped to it, fitted to Ryan McFarland’s Toyota Soarer. Built by Stone Motorsport it packs a punch, running 530hp on low boost and 610hp with the boost turned up – definitely no slouch!

One the cars of the show for me was this Rocket Bunny kitted RX7. I had the pleasure of following it into the show and trust me when I say photos really don’t convey just how wide it is. While I wasn’t sure how I felt about the turbo fed K24 engine under the bonnet I can understand why someone would want to do it – guess I’m just a sucker for that choppy rotary idle.

Lastly, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who helped us get the Built Automotive Event MX5 done on time. From the guys at Hexis and Blackwater Graphics for the wrap, to Performance Alloys who supplied the wheels, SC Motors who fitted the new diff, Jim Morrow Tyres who supplied us rubber and to Street Racer Motorsport who sorted the alignment and exhaust.

We really hope you can all make it to the show at the Titanic Exhibition Centre on August 12th.
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