Drift On The Docks

Round 2


Posted 5 years ago



A combined 40,000 horsepower screaming around a disused ferry terminal banging doors and rubbing walls... what's not to like?

Drifting has always been a hot topic in our team group chat. While we are all big fans, we have had many discussions about whether or not we should cover some events here on Fitted State. With interest in Irish drifting at an all time high, partly to do with the success James Deane is currently having in Formula D, we felt there was no better time to dip our toes in the water and see how you all feel about it.

The Irish Drift Championship have always tried to be innovators and aren’t afraid to try something new – like when they held an indoor drift event in Cork in 2015. Drift on the Docks is their newest creation, taking a disused ferry terminal in the seaside town of Dún Laoghaire and turning it into a custom built drift arena for the weekend.

Hype around the event was huge and with limited tickets available the event completely sold out in just 3 hours when they went on sale last month. Drift on the Docks didn’t disappoint with a layout that included 6 unforgiving wall clipping points providing entertainment all day with even the best drivers getting caught out.

Poster boy for the event, Adrian Walsh, was the prime example of this, damaging his prop shaft after a collision in pro practise he then borrowed a shaft from Conor Shanahan’s 180SX in order to get back out for qualifying but missed out on his first run.

With only 1 run to make it into the Top 24 battles Adrian had to push hard to get a good score on the board but sadly pushed too hard, putting his AE86 into the wall and himself out of the competition.

Jack Shanahan, the two time British Drift Champion and current IDC points leader after his win in round 1 also had a tricky day. Like Adrian he only had his second run to get a score on the board after a mistake on his first run. Eventually qualifying 9th meant he had a difficult route through the Top 24 battles if he was to make it to top spot of the podium again.

One by one Jack took down David Hobbs in top 24, Mike Fitz in the top 16, Anthony Galvin in top 8 and an inform Joe Doyle in the semi’s to set up a final battle with Chris Brady for top spot on the podium.

The final battle didn’t disappoint with Jack laying down a great lead while Chris stuck to and banged his doors for the entire run. With roles reversed Jack was glued to Chris with a ridiculous transition in the middle of the track enough to separate the two drivers and give Shannahan the win.

So there you have it, the first ever IDC report on Fitted State. If you liked this and want to see more drifting in the future let us know by sharing this post with your friends on social media.