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Posted 6 years ago



Okay, so who forgot to sacrifice the goat?

Over the years the guys at GTINI have been so incredibly lucky with the weather on the days of their shows that its becoming a bit of a running joke. Like most good things though, it had to come to an end some time. With monsoon conditions forecast the show was almost cancelled but with people travelling from Scotland and beyond, the organisers decided to plod along with their original plans.

If I’m honest the show was a bit of a wash out for me. Rather than taking the usual walk around the dry dock (irony?) I spent most of the day taking shelter inside the Pump House catching up with friends or stood under traders gazebo’s helping them to not blow away.

Thankfully Ross was more willing to brave the rain than I was and has provided us with photos so you can all see the show without getting wet.

Despite the conditions there was still a great turn out and some great cars on display. We’ll see you all again April 8th & 9th for Dubshed!