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Posted 7 years ago



Put your feet up, relax, maybe even pour yourself a beer and check out our coverage from the laid back side of the GTINI show calendar.

When I started to write this report if found myself continuously referring to clichés about Castlewellan being ‘the best show of the year’ with a ‘laid back atmosphere’ and having ‘good laughs and good friends’ in awesome weather because ‘GTINI have done their ritual sacrifice of a goat’. You know what though? It’s all true… except for the goat part!

With GTINI’s major show, Dubshed, being a much more serious affair with people battling it out to take home a prestigious trophy for their class, Castlewellan acts as a perfect palette cleanser to remind us not to take the scene soo seriously.

Every year we say we are going to camp – make a weekend out of it, and every year something gets in the way and stops us. This year however I was glad our plans backfired as we woke up to gale force winds and a thunder storm. This meant the usual short but scenic drive was spent trying to keep the cars clean which of course didn’t happen.

So after a quick wash (or a very long wait if you used the wash bay at the crossroads petrol station) we set up our trade stand and hid under it until the rain disappeared. This is Castlewellan though – it’s always a sunny show! It can’t rain all day! it won’t rain all day!!


Shortly before lunchtime normal service was resumed as the sun came out, the bbq was lit and there was a mad dash to the toilets for everyone to ditch the rain gear and get their shorts on.

Now that we were able to walk around the show one thing was clear – this was the biggest Castlewellan to date! Both sides of the car park were crammed, as were the grass areas – and it wasn’t just quantity, there was real quality there too.

Some of our favourite cars of the day included Kyle Jackson’s Audi S3 that was picked up from the bodyshop and completely rebuilt on Friday night with the help of his friends. Kyle spent the winter wire tucking and smoothing his engine bay and its great to finally see it on the road.


Another car we really liked was James Donnelly’s matte yellow wrapped Lupo with matching Schmidt Th-Lines. This simple but effective look really stood out


On the non vag side of things we were glad to see our friend Aaron Black finally finish his E36 vert. Rocking a set of BBS RFs with red caps this car was very standard and very blue just a few months ago. Aaron was hoping to have it out before now but it took him the best part of 8 weeks to wrap the front bumper… and they say he’s ‘good at working round the yokes’… pffft!


Car of the show also went to a friend of ours with Emmett O Neill and his stunning 6N Polo taking home the top of the class honours. I don’t think we really need to explain why…