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Posted 5 years ago



Now in it's fourth year FittedUK have achieved what they set out to do - become one of the best stance shows in Europe!

Around 3 years ago we were sat having a few beers when we got introduced to a noisy bunch of Englishmen in the corner of the hotel bar. We spent the rest of the night with them, sharing stories and party tricks (Hi Sam!). After a lot of laughs and a bit of banter about how similar our names were, the guys from FittedUK invited us to their show.

For the first 2 years the show had run at an outdoor venue but after a washout they were moving to a large indoor venue, EventCity in Manchester. We flew over and made a week of it, doing some sightseeing and taking in the show. It didn’t disappoint – infact I’d go as far as saying it was our favourite show last year, so a return was a no brainer this time – our bags were packed and we loaded our cameras into our R32, hopped on the Stena Mersey and made our way across the Irish Sea!

There a number of things that make FittedUK one of the best shows we’ve ever attended, firstly there is the sheer scale – with 300,000 sqft of space allowing them to host 1000 cars. Then there’s the quality, with cars arriving from the all over the UK and Europe the selection pool is so deep that some of the cars that would stand head and shoulders over others simply fade into the background.

Finally there’s the location, lots of shows are in remote areas that mean there isn’t much for exhibitors to do other than spend time at the show – but being based right in the heart of Manchester’s popular Trafford Centre meant that there was a host of shops and places to eat should one have their fill of cars. For those making a weekend of it, Manchester offers a wide range of nightlife too.

Anyway – to the cars! One of our favourites was Shaun Quinn’s Honda Civic. It’s one of those cars where nothing should work but it does… it really does. Custom diffusers made from Evo parts, a custom spoiler, screamer pipe through a carbon bonnet, custom wide arches… I could go on but I’m sure I’d miss something because everywhere you look there’s another custom touch that I didn’t notice before.

Being a predominantly German show there were some excellent Volkswagens on display. This Type 3 Notchback took a lot of my attention but then anything on magnesium BBS wheels usually does. Tucking hard with patina bodywork it really stuck out sitting on one of the many raised podiums around the venue.

BMW’s Z model convertibles are something I’ve considered buying many times and this one doesn’t help the need to scratch that itch. Featuring silky blue paint, a hardtop, a BGW and a super aggressive set of stepped BBS RS it really ticked all the boxes for us!

Last but not least is our old friend Julian Loose – building this V6 MK1 TT for Ultimate Dubs this year he has followed his pattern of great looking wraps, leather retrimmed interiors and tucked wheels to great use to transform this Audi from an ugly duckling (it used to be yellow) into something a lot more pleasing on the eye.

Next on the calendar for us is BUILT on 13th August at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast – it’s our very first time hosting an event and it’s going to be amazing. Get your tickets at http://builtevent.com