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Edition 38


Posted 7 years ago



After years of excuses we finally made the trip to Northampton to get the true Edition 38 experience for ourselves.

Edition 38 has been a show that we’ve been trying to attend for quite a few years now but unfortunately every year life gets in the way and events such as weddings take priority. This year we weren’t taking no for an answer…

Hooking up with our friends from I Love Bass & Paintworkz we left Belfast on Friday morning not knowing what to expect – yes we’d seen the pictures (we had Aaron cover it for us last year) but we soon learnt that Edition is a strange show in the fact that its almost not even about the cars – its the experience, the people, the laughs and the stories.

The memories we bring home are those from the campsite, not the show field. It gave us a chance to see friends from all over UK that we don’t often see, have a few beers and get up to a bit of mischief – where else could you party in a rave tent, goto sleep in a field and wake up to the sound of a twin turbo V6 as it rolls into a display of the UK’s finest VAGs?

Our convoy of Pete’s Audi TT, Emma’s A5 Beetle, Louis’ Land Rover, my MK5 GTI and I Love Bass’s minibus (yes a minibus) arrived at the campsite around tea time on Friday night. We set up camp, took a trip to Tesco for vital supplies (Beer & BBQs) and then lit our campfire.

Saturday was a very subdued day with the show field almost half full and a small number of people present. Sunday however was a different kettle of fish. The show field was rammed to the gills with bodies and cars as people made a same day journey for the main attraction.

For me it was nice to see some of the cars that I recognised from Instagram and getting to talk to some of the people who chatted with in person. Will I be back next year? Absolutely!