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Dubshed X


Posted 4 years ago



Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

It’s fair to say that the VAG scene has plateaued in the last few years and while there are still some incredible builds being produced, there definitely isn’t as many as we would have seen 3-4 years ago. This becomes a problem when your business model is solely based around entertaining people with the use of modified vag market. GTINI are only too aware of this as this isn’t the first time it the show’s 10 year existence that it has had a change of format.

At first, Dubshed adapted to have a non-vag marquee, then it transitioned into an all-German show. This year with the addition of the new ‘Logan Hall’ they took a further step into the unknown, becoming an all marque show for the very first time.

Following the traditional layout, the ‘Eikon’ hall was packed full of VAG machinery, while I chose to spend a lot of my time taking in the mostly non-VAG attractions in the Logan Hall.

Being a big fan of drifting it was cool to get up close and personal with 2 very different V8 drift cars. First up we had the Low Brain Drifters Nissan PS13 which will be driven this year by Mark McBurney.

Sporting a Honda Odyssey front end Mark’s S-body truly challenged the ideas of what is considered a ‘show car’. Kerbed wheels, cracked filler and missing trim pieces would normally be a big faux-pas but the quality of this build shone through despite the scars of battles gone by.

Sat on some dished copper Work Equip 05’s the Low Brain car hides a race prepped 600hp Chevy LS V8 engine with velocity stacks poking out of the bonnet, while inspection from the rear shows dry sump and fuel systems that show that it’s here to party.

At the other end of the budget was Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni’s  R35 Nissan GT-R which is very much a blank chequebook car.

With a GM LSX V8 engine under the bonnet with a massive Garrett GTX4718R turbo strapped to the side of it, this really is a bit of a ‘Monster’, producing 1200hp. Unlike the Low Brain car, this GT-R is used for demonstrations and promotional events and is, therefore, a lot less rough around the edges but it was still cool to see the level of engineering the team at SB Motorsport have gone to produce such an epic car.

From massive budget overnight builds to a car that took 5 years and pretty much every penny that Matt Mccammond had to become a reality. From the outside, it may just look like your normal clean Golf on some BBS RS wheels but it’s only when you get closer do you realise that Matt has left no stone unturned.

Powered by a turbo VR6 and sat on Airlift suspension, Matt’s MK2 contains many well thought out and planned modifications. The interior, for example, has been trimmed in grey Harris tweed by Optimus but also contains a beautiful CAE shifter tower bringing the best of both the show and go worlds.

The final car I want to mention is Neil Wilkinson’s VW Beetle Gasser which immediately caught my eye as it rolled through the doors. It might have been the candy red paint which is full of metal flake, or it may have been the fact that he purged the NOS system as he came through the door.

Built with his brother to compete in the Outlaw Flat Four drag racing class the Beetle, aptly named Bad Influence, has been putting in some impressive 11 second quarter mile times at Santa Pod and Straightliners events but looks equally at home on the show floor.

What did you think of this years Dubshed? Did you like the new format? Did you enjoy seeing new marques on show? What with 2020 bring?