Part 1



Posted 4 years ago



Welcome to 2018 - we kick off our show season in traditional fashion, with GTINI's flagship all german marque show - Dubshed.

Most years I start this article with how many years the show has been going and how great an achievement it is… but next year will be the tenth anniversary so I’ll leave all that until then and focus on some of our favorite cars.

We’ve been patiently waiting for Aaron Black’s E30 build for almost 2 years now and truth be told we thought we might have to wait for another 2 years. Little did we know that he’d been quietly working hard behind closed doors.

With a colour change from red to Estoril Blue, a smoothed and tucked bay to house the M42 engine, 16″ BBS RS and a hydro suspension setup to get it on the floor, it grabbed the attention of the public all weekend long.

The B5 Audi A4 was well represented with no less than 4 strong examples indoors. Two we enjoyed the most where S4 models owned by Peter Matthews and Chris Darragh – they couldn’t have been more opposite if they tried.

Chris’s saloon sat on air with (not nardo) grey paint, OZ Futura’s stepped to 18″ sitting flush with the arches and a bright yellow interior. Peter’s avant, in contrast, featured a drop from H&R Ultralow coilovers, a jet black paint job with complete carbon fibre front end, 19-inch OZ Ultraleggera’s tucking deep and windows so dark that when we sat inside, nobody knew we were there.

While the show has stayed with pretty much the same format over the past 4 years something that has been progressively improving year by year is the finish of cars. Back in the days of the Kings Hall it wasn’t uncommon to see a car with swirls in its paint or things a little rough around the edges. Times have changed… perfect paint is the norm and attention to detail in and out of the car has gone to the next level.

This Hillman Imp, for example, was not only immaculate but the owner took the time to piece together some period correct items to place in the interior to complete the look.

Finally, to round up Part 1 we have another BMW – Dubshed is no longer a VAG only show after all. A demo vehicle for show sponsor Intermotiv this E92 BMW M3 may look rough around the edges – but that’s the intention.

A distressed Rothmans livery wrapped over the original panels of the V8 gave it a classic race look which is further emphasized by the rear window louvers and custom turbofans on Fifteen52 Formula GT wheels.

That’s all for Part 1 – check back tomorrow for Part 2 – Ross & Adam’s views from the show.