Event Coverage

Part 2


Posted 5 years ago



In part 1 we asked what makes Dubshed so special and talked about some of our favourite cars. In part 2, we take a look at some other cars that got our attention.

Here’s a car you might recognise. We featured Peter Matthew’s Audi “Titty” last year but since then its had a major overhaul.

The stepped BBS RS’s have went from pearl white to a translucent gold candy and the interior has been retrimmed by, you guessed it, Optimus.

At the rear the stock bumper has been replaced by a US spec one and the boot lid spoiler has been removed for some marmite lourves.

Richard Smyth’s BMW E30 is a car we’ve loved ever since we first set eyes on it 2 years ago when it arrived to our friends at Blackline Performance for a custom Airlift suspension set up.

Working for BMW dealer JKC means that this E30 is the epitome of OEM+, with Richard using his connections to source many rare parts. Speaking of rare, check out those BBS RS’s – a rarity as they only came fresh from the factory last year… not many people can boast that! Keep an eye out, we’ve more on this coming soon.

Our friends from keepitclean always bring us something interesting. The plan had been to bring Greg Robins’ freshly painted Evo but as often happens, time was against them so they just slapped some 20 inch BBS E88’s on Stuart Gray’s R32 and came anyway… not a bad back up plan, eh?

Finally we come to something not on BBS wheels – Darren Fitzgerald’s Lexus IS220, which got the VIP treatment when he arrived and laid his own red carpet for the car to sit on… that’s dedication to a theme!

This piece of Japanese luxury has had some serious widening with the arches, doors and bumpers all being extended as much as 2 inches to fit the 19″ Kranze Vishnu wheels which measure a girthy 11.5 inches wide at the rear.

Vertex lips and skirts give the exterior an aggressive look while inside the VIP look is continued with a brown leather retrim, curtains and a customary passenger side VIP table. Ksport Airtech suspension gets the car on the floor while noise is provided by a dual exhuast system with Garson DAD mufflers.

I guess what makes Dubshed so special is that you never really know what your gonna get. Sure there’s your typical paint by numbers builds that you see at every show but year after year, without fail, there is something on show that gives you new ideas and challenges what you thought you liked. I certainly didn’t go to Dubshed thinking two of my favourite cars would be a Subaru and a Lexus…

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of our coverage if you haven’t already.