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Part 2


Posted 6 years ago



So if you’ve read Part 1 you’ll know that this years Dubshed went under a transformation. Drifting, drag racing and auto testing are not things that you would normally associate with GTINI’s main show however all three were on the schedule.

Monster Energy driver Buttsy Bulter was in attendance with his Toyota Soarer to provide drift displays, while the goon squad F1 car sat inside the marquee. Not to be outdone the Aircooled Drag Day guys where also in attendance with a 1/8 mile drag strip for their collection of VW Beetles to show their skills. Dubshed also played host to Round 2 of the NI Autotest championship on the Saturday while an exhibition / test day was on display on Sunday.

Anyway, in Part 1 we talked a lot about the non-VAG cars so now lets talk about some VAG metal.


If you have any form of social media you will no doubt have heard about Niall Gerety’s Jetta. We teased in our feature that he had big plans for 2016, well he only went and cut the side out of a MK5 Golf and welded it onto his own car, making the worlds first Jetta Coupe – thats right, 3 doors not 5. It’s at this point were we would normally post a picture of his car – but we are shit friends and didn’t get a photo of it, so heres a picture of him drinking a bottle of Fanta instead.


Speaking of MK5’s – thats a class you didn’t want to be in this year. Competition was the highest its ever been with at least 5 worthy contenders. Robert Monteith & Stuart Grey returned with full resprays, Darren Pirie built on what was already a show winning car last year, Greig Robertson made his first visit to NI with FittedUK and Mark Stewart joined in with his remodel of a certain Midnight Purple GTI. In the end the battle came down to the keepitclean boys, with Darren and Stuart picking up first and second respectively.


The VAG scene gets a lot of flack for the number of cars rocking ‘Airlift & Rotiforms’. It’s a simple combination thats often very effective – Stephen McKenna’s Audi A4 is one of these cars. Rocking a set of super concave LHR’s with immaculate gloss black paintwork it really stood out from the crowd and made you wonder why this formula gets so much grief.


Our final shout out goes to our favourite lighthaired painter, Pete Matthews. Having done work on several cars for the show, including my Mini, John Middleton’s Volvo & The ILB Ball Pit, Pete finally jumped in his mint green Audi TT to bring it to the show only to be greeted with a horrible grinding noise. A few hours and a trailer later he made it to the show just in time to be greeted by the doors opening for the public. The latest stage of his build included louvres being grafted into the front wings while in the boot a wooden floor has been laid with 2 floating air tanks and a healthy dose of hardlines. We have a full feature of this car coming up so watch this space.


In summary, while Dubshed 2016 was a massive change from what we have come to expect but it was as successful as always, and, with another permanent hall on the cards for the Eikon site we expect future shows to go from strength to strength.