Event Coverage

Part 1


Posted 8 years ago



Last night we released our Dubshed video, now its time for Part 1 of our photo coverage. Tonight we will be picking out some of our favourite cars of the show and telling you a little about them.

First on the list is Peter Matthews Audi S4, a car I know very well having seen it at various stages of ripped apart over the winter. Having ran last year static on a set of Watercooled CC10’s and purple paint, Pete has completely transformed the car for 2014 with a beautiful red spray, Airlift Slam series suspension, V2 management, lots of carbon goodies and a unique set of BBS RS which started their life at 16″ but have now been stepped up a further 2 inches to 18.

Next up is John Pedan’s Porsche and strangely it was the first time I had seen this in the flesh. John’s 964 caused quite an uproar when it featured in the 2012 Dubshed promo video with purists calling for his head – we disagree. The beautiful lines of the Carrera look great as they drag along the floor courtesy of a hydraulic suspension system fitted with Accuair E-Level management to give John full control over his setup at the touch of a button. We were also a big fan of the OZ Futura’s nestled under the arches – but then again, I am biased.

On our own makeshift stand we had a beautiful pair of Volkswagen Passats owned by Gavin Black and Graeme Martin. You may recognise Gavin’s from our latest feature – the saloon was treated to a full respray in BMW red last month. Graeme’s estate was making its first show appearance in NI since last years Dubshed. Gone where the black TSW Holstens and sticker bombed roof box and in came a set of candy red Rotiform MIA’s and a boot build which featured tins of Guiness and our very own Fitted State beer. For those who were wondering – yes, it was real ice!

Last but far from least was Julian Loose’s Audi RS4 – we first set eyes on this at Ultimate Dubs and were immediately blown away. At Dubshed we were able to get a closer look around it and get an even better feel for just how special it is. On the outside Jules was rocking an air suspension setup with 20″ Messer wheels, one of only 1 or 2 sets in the world while inside the car had been treated to a retrim in white nappa leather. Under the engine there were a whole host of extras including a PES supercharger that brought it up to over 500 bhp. Having seen this thing on the move all I can say is – f#*king hell, THAT NOISE!!

That’s us for Part 1, Part 2 will be here later in the week and don’t forget to check out our video.