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Posted 5 years ago



In many forms of motorsport, there are distinct lines between the people who put on the show and those who come to view it... drifting has never been that way!

Being very much a grassroots sport the lines are blurred, and never have they been as blurred as they were at Drift Games Bash where any pro, amateur or fan could come along to Mondello Park and enjoy an entire weekend of drifting and partying.

Can you imagine taking your road car out at Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton whizzing round in his Mercedes F1 car at the same time and then going to crush a few beers with him in the pits afterwards? That’s what Drift Games was all about!!

With 2 days, 18 hours of drifting, 5 drift competitions, 2 after parties and a RWD-Only Car show there was something for everyone.

After the opening party on Friday night the pit opened at 9:00am the following morning for an open session were drivers could hone their skills on track. Understandably it was a slow start as when we arrived we were greeted with the unusual sight of people, who were clearly still feeling the effects of the night before, walking around the paddock area in onesies and pyjamas.

Open sessions throughout the day were split up with the Team Drift & Street Car Competitions before the day concluded with the 2017 Awards Ceremony and End of Season party which was still rife well into the early hours of the morning.

Sunday saw more track time for attendees and a further three competitions. First up were the IDC Fantasy Battles where the Pro & Pro-Am series lined up against each other in some friendly battles that were judged by whoever got the loudest cheer!

The weekend was rounded out by the Extreme Entry Competition where we hoped to see some ridiculous skills being put to the test. Unfortunately, in the half an hour leading up to it there was a heavy downpour which limited grip and saw speeds drop well below the Mondello record of 107 mph.

After edging out Mark McBurney for the win, 2017 IDC Pro Champion Jack Shannahan attempted a double 360, a move which he had never before tried at Mondello. With little surprise to the crowd, he successfully pulled it off to a loud cheer from the grandstand wrapping up a weekend that will be talked about for years to come!