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Posted 5 years ago



Want a reciepe for success? Take a huge media outlet such as ILB, combine it with an already succesful event organiser in GTINI and stick it in a old B&Q store - this is Districts.

There are two common misconceptions about the guys from I Love Bass – 1) they don’t actually love bass and 2) they only like Volkswagens. One thing we know, however, is that they don’t half ass things, so when they finally announced Districts, their very first show, in collaboration with the experienced GTINI team, we knew that it was going to be a success.

Housed at South13, a former B&Q store on the Boucher Road in Belfast the show featured 6 ‘Districts’, each with their own theme. District 1 was the most familiar hosting stanced cars. District 2 was home to classics, District 3 saw bikes hosted by Titanic City Cycles, 4 Motorsport, 5 Off Road and 6 Exotics. This provided a wide range of things to see and truly provided something to please everyone.

For us it was the very first time that we had done a trade stand for our show, Built. You kept us all busy the entire weekend so a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the stand to buy some of our merchandise, view our promo video, watch the IDC livestream, have a chat about the show or even just to eat our sweets (looking at you Cameron!).

Some of our favourites of the weekend included this rough and ready Mercedes 300 SE L which featured a serious roll cage, lots of girth, camber and what is possibly one of the thickest centre lock adapters that I have ever seen.

Another of our favourites was Nigel Hicklin’s Lamborghini Aventador SV R. It’s not very often you get to see a true exotic like this in person so it was great to have it there, even if it only was for a short time. Sadly the Lambo was bombared with people the entire time it was there, so here is a picutre of Nigel’s son Paul instead…

Finally we have Łukasz Sadorski’s Honda S2000. While it is a little less in your face as some of the other Honda’s we’ve spoke about lately it defintely deserves a mention. The stuble styling choices such as the black leather Bride seats, APR wing, carbon skirts and of course those beautifully polished Work Meisters come together to make a car that whispers quality, rather than shouting it in your face.

All in all, we tip our hats to the ILB team – we know first hand how difficult organising a new show can be and we really think they nailed it. From little details such as the videos of the winning cars to their trophies and just the general quality of cars and bikes on show they really achieved what they set out to do – create something a little bit different.