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Posted 4 years ago



For some people car shows are about the cars, for others it’s about winning trophies and getting recognition. For me it’s become about the people…

Over the years we at Fitted State have attended shows all across Europe and we’ve made some great friends along the way. We first met the guys at keepitclean when they made the trip from Scotland to Belfast for Dubshed 5 or 6 years ago. Since then we’ve regularly met up with them for a chat and a few beers in Northampton, Goodwood, Manchester, Worthersee and of course, Scotland, where their host their annual show Cleanfest!

Since it’s inception in 2014 we have attended almost every show, only missing last year due to scheduling issues but once we heard the show was moving from its traditional home at Fife Airport to a new, larger, indoor venue at The Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh we knew this was one we simply could not miss.

The keepitclean guys always put on a great selection of machinery and this year was no different – if anything they raised the bar, with cars arriving from all over the UK & Ireland, as well as Belgium to attend the event.

Anre De Pauw of the Lowhouse crew was one of the Belgain contingent to make the journey in his Polo Harelkin. The 6N has been one of the most modified cars in the VAG scene over the years yet Arne’s looks as fresh as ever wearing a set a 3 piece BBS RA’s.

One car that will never cease to amaze me is Shaun Quinn’s Civic. Now on its 4th makeover we often wonder what is their possibly left to do to this? Of course, true to form Shuggs arrived with a new carbon areo pieces which add to an already stunning car. However it was an old modification that would see him pick up an award, this time lifting Best in Show for his wheels.

The keepitclean boys have some tasty cars of their own, but my favourite at the moment is definitely Stuart Gray’s B5 Audi RS4. Sure it’s only air and wheels, but its simple but effective nature is what appeals to me. The B5 RS4 might just be the perfect car straight from the factory so it only needs a few well selected touches to make it even more stunning and in those 20″ BBS E88 motorsport wheels Stu has done just that.

One of the things I enjoy about Cleanfest is that there always seems to be something you weren’t expecting that comes out of the woodwork. This year it was this…

Ryan Brown’s MK2 Ford Fiesta is the kind of bonkers we really enjoy. Featuring a turbo’ed lump from a MK1 Focus RS this hatchback isn’t the same slouch it was back in the 80’s, running over 300hp in a car that weighs less than than a ton. The outside is subtle with flawless black paint and 13″ Compomotive split wheels with the only sign that theres something not quiet what it seems being the huge intercooler crammed behind the bumper.

Finally we have Martin Oberheim’s LS swapped S15 Nissan Silvia. I first spied this on Youtube a few months ago and it was equally as impressive in the flesh as it was on video. The 2002 S-Chassis has had it’s SR20 ripped out and replaced with a V8 that now runs 440bhp. The outside has been treated to a fresh coat of Porsche Bronze Black paint and some 18×9.5 bronze TE37’s, while the interior has seen new seats, harnesses, a suede dash and an aftermarket wheel.

The move to the new venue seems to have been a great success for the keepitclean guys and has hopefully provided a much more sustianble show that no longer relies on the unpredictable Scottish weather. The important question is tho, what city are we drinking in next boys??